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  1. 40/43 Catterick with Almond valley
  2. 1st Scott McArdle. 1119 2nd Scott McArdle. 1117 3rd Thomson Bros. 1091 4th Scott McArdle. 1075 5th J & I Alston. 1069 6th McArdle & Thomson. 1054 7th McArdle & Thomson. 1050 8th J & I Alston. 1049 9th Thomson Bros. 1036 10th I Thomson. 1014 11th J Stokes. 1005.3 12th J Stokes. 1005.1 13th W Watson 995 14th J&I Alston 960 15th J Warwick & Son 917 16th J Warwick & Son 879 17th R Robertson 794 Congratulations my brother Scott on another fantastic race , really got your doos flying well bro keep it going . Well done everyone else over all a good race today returns are good from everOne . I have 40/43
  3. Buff


    Just in tame wee blue hen
  4. 1st Ian Thomson. 1100 2nd Thomson Bros. 1090 3rd Ian Thomson. 1076.6 4 S McArdle. 1076.5 5th Thomson Bros. 1057 6th McArdle & Thomson. 1043 7th W Watson. 1012 8th S McArdle. 995 9th McArdle & Thomson. 966 10th J Warwick & Son. 949 11th J Stokes. 932 12th J & I Alston. 929 13th J & I Alston. 928 14th J Dornan 887 15th. D Imrie. 874 16th R Robertson. 769 massive well done Ian winning his second race of the season with another late bred I bred him πŸ‘ well done everyone else. Tough race today birds coming back to lofts from all directions couple for myself with hawk damage. Maybe up a bit early as the pentlands we’re not clear till after 10am I’ve 44/49 most loft missing some hope they work back
  5. 1st S McArdle 1428 2nd S McArdle. 1427 3rd S McArdle. 1425 4th S McArdle 1420 5th S McArdle. 1404 6th Thomson Bros. 1397.8 7th Thomson Bros. 1397 8th J & I Alston. 1382 9th I Thomson. 1353 10th McArdle & Thomson. 1331.7 11th S McArdle. 1331.4 12th McArdle & Thomson. 1320 13th W Watson. 1257 14th Thomson Bros. 1246 15th W Watson. 1168 16th J Stokes. 1123 17th D Imrie. 1111 18th J Warwick & Son. 1073 19th R Robertson. 902 very well done my brother Scott with a fantastic first 5 . Great flying bro well done everyone else massive well done to Rab Robertson who was convoyer for the fed for the 1st time . What a fantastic race with the birds romping home returns were fantastic I had 49/52 .
  6. Buff

    Returns today

    49/52 Almond valley otterburn cracking toss πŸ‘πŸ‘
  7. Buff


    Almond valley 12 noon Otterburn
  8. 1st I Thomson. 1384 2nd Thomson Bros. 1382 3rd D Imrie. 1373 4th S McArdle. 1291 5th S McArdle. 1290.8 6th S McArdle. 1290.5 7th W Watson. 1161 8th J Kemp. 976 9th W Watson. 951 10th J Warwick & Son. 945 11th McArdle & Thomson. 823 12 J Stokes. 810 13th. R Robertson. 683 14th Dr J Salmond. 526 well done Ian on a fantastic win with a late bred red hen I bred him . From my Wilson & Jack stock well done everyone else in a close race
  9. Buff


    I think they must have 10 weeks absolute minimum imo
  10. Received my youngster from john Frood tonight, absolutely superb. Thanks again john top class πŸ‘
  11. Paid via bank transfer 5+6+8+10 absolute Bargains
  12. Lot 6 + 8 Β£30 each
  13. Lot 5 + 9 Β£25 each
  14. Cracking sale good luck with it
  15. Cannot get any better what fantastic birds they are . Top man Colin πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
  16. R.I.P John another Scottish great of the doo game gone . Thoughts are with the family πŸ™πŸ»
  17. RIP Walter πŸ™πŸ»
  18. Canny wait really looking forward to catching up with friends, it’s been a long time . Double vaccination and booster and common sense and hopefully it will be a fantastic weekend 🍺
  19. Buff

    Late bred cocks

    Yes mate send you a pm
  20. Have a few late bred cocks surplus if anyone is short of some cocks give me a PM free of course .
  21. Happy new year everyone and hope 2022 is a fantastic year πŸŽ‰πŸ₯ƒ
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