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The Moray Firth Flying Club


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The Moray Firth Flying Club YB Auction


I'd like to thank once again everyone who donated youngsters to the sale, Your generosity wont be forgotten. There are some fantastic birds on offer and will be a credit to those who bred them I'm sure, A fantastic addition to anyone's race/stock teams.


The auction will run until Tuesday 9th of March closing at 21:59:59 The time will be taken from the site clock and only bids placed up to 21:59:59 will be accepted. Pm bids will be accepted up to 22:00 on Monday the 8th All bids placed on the final day must be placed on the thread.


Opening bids to start at £30, Payment to be made by bank transfer to Bank of Scotland 80-45-64 / 10604568, All winning bidders are to arrange collection with the breeder promptly,


To start off we have,


Lot 1 Duncan and Thomson (grdkeith) / Keith x2 Youngsters



Padfield x B Sheppard (bred for stock)

Full Brother to 1st club, 1st West Section, 1st North of Scotland fed Ripon YBS, 1st club, 1st West Section, 3rd North of Scotland fed and 3rd North Section SNFC Ypres 517 miles.

Half Brother to 2nd North of Scotland fed (Beaten by Loftmate) 3rd North Section, 93rd Open 2900 birds SNFC Maidstone 460 miles in 2020.



Haelterman Bred from Frank Tasker birds, she was North of Scotland fed bird of the year 2013. This pairing bred a yb to score in the top ten of the fed this year from our longest YB race, This hen also bred a bird that flew very well for our good friend Jock Jack of the Elgin club in 2019.


Lot 2 John Thompson (jont) / Spey Bay x2 Youngsters


John is a fantastic flyer and has been consistently winning for years, for anyone that knows him will know that he probably puts more time into his pigeons than anyone!


John has very kindly said that the winning bidder can have the pick of any of his young birds when ready.


Lot 3 Frank Mitchell (Frank mitch) / Dunfermline x2 Youngsters


First youngster

Bred from 1st Section, 1st Region, 5th Open SNFC Falaise 523 mile, also 61st Open SNFC Liege 532 miles.


Second youngster

Frank has very kindly said that the winning bidder can have the pick of any of his second round young birds when ready.


Lot 4 Alisdair Maclean (ally mac) / Oban x2 Youngsters


Ally was responsible for breeding 2nd ace pigeon at the Algarve Derby in 2019 also 12th and 17th Ace pigeons at the Algarve Golden Race 2020. He was only 30 seconds away from 1st Open in the final of the Great Derby. (1 second away from winning the car) in the Golden Race semi final!

He has bred his 1st Glasgow Fed winner flying into Oban and had 4th section SNRPC from Arras into Oban. He is also responsible for breeding 1st Glasgow and Lanarkshire Fed winners for friends. He has sprint, middle and distance pigeons that can win into Oban, Glasgow, Lanarkshire and One lofts.


Taking into account where Ally is located and the terrain his birds fly into his results show that he is very dedicated fancier that knows his pigeons!


Lot 5 George Briggs (clockman) / Dundee x2 Youngsters



383rd Open SNFC Buckingham 320 miles 46th Sec C, 270 Open SNFC Buckingham, 77th Sec C, 211 Open SNFC Buckingham

22nd Sec C, SNFC Burdinne (Gold cup) 526 miles



82nd Sec C SNFC Buckingham,

5th Sec C 33rd Open SNFC Burdinne (Gold cup) 526 miles, 9th Sec C 17th Open SNFC Reims (Gold cup) 581 miles


Lot 6 Carlton Reid (caley) / Inverness x1 Youngster


Carlton has kindly offered a youngster bred from his Paul stowells long distance bricoux family, Carlton has been very consistent over the years flying into Inverness, Anyone would do well adding this youngster to they're team.


Lot 7 John Cumming / Buckie x1 Youngster



A dark cheq from Derek Hay kirkintilloch, From his stock loft.



A blue hen acquired from Stuart Maskame, Peterhead, A direct daughter of poppy 1st SNFC Ypres


John has generously offered a Youngster from his stock loft, John has been a dedicated fancier within the Buckie club for decades and never misses a race, his doos have been well tested over the years and has a outstanding stock loft to show for it.


Lot 8 Steven Dalgliesh (dal2) / Ecclefechan x1 Youngster


Steven has kindly offered a youngster from his stock loft which I dont think you could go wrong with, a great addition to anyones race team.


Lot 9 Ryan Hay and Family / Banff x2 Youngster's


Ryan has said the winning bidder will get a youngster bred from a Jim Donaldson doo that he bought at his clearance sale not so long ago in Ireland. Ryan spares no expense when buying in stock birds, The winning bidder wont be disappointed!


The second youngster will also be from the stock loft.


Lot 10 John Jamieson (tiger) / East Calder x1 Youngster


John has generously donated a youngster that will be bred from his sprint to middle distance pigeons, The sire has bred many birds to win including 3rd open SNFC, The dam has topped the federation 3 times for him, No doubt this will be a cracker!


Lot 11 Dougie (cemetary) / Fife x1 Youngster


Dougie has bred some great ybs in the years, One for Alan Ritchie that clocked the doo on the day out of Ypres as a 2 year old if remember correctly (furthest flying member in the SNFC)Bred a good doo for Dave Lidle Abroath and has bred YBS to score in the Joe Murphy YB challenge coming second on both occasions, He won Best YB in the club in 2018, No doubt this youngster will be a cracker!

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My youngster will be off a pair of Jim Donaldson doos lee bought from his clearance sale. Also be a 2nd bird to go along with it from the stock loft. Ill see what's ready at the same time.


Cheers ryan, il update it

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