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  1. well done whitty
  2. su19ne2163 let it go in perth on tuesday along with su20ab269 but its back again
  3. found some rings near a peregrines nest near dunfermline,su13ca2396,,gb17p21517,,su06a2297,,gb16l24943,strange that there all older birds also found 7 ets rings and a couple of rings belonging myself that were only lost this week?
  4. never got the numbers like i said took the first 1 out the box it was crawling with lice so just tipped the lot out the box,its no wonder some birds cannot get home with the amount of passengers there carrying its disgusting
  5. brought 6 pentland birds,2 gb s birds and 1 nw up the road from wakefield let all the p birds go at wallyford dont ask for ring numbers i was disgusted at the amount of lice on the first 1 i took out the box i just tipped the box and let the lot go the other 3 were let go in dunfermline
  6. well done mark well deserved hope you get the same at the national
  7. passed a large batch of birds between wetherby and ripon just after 10am seemed to be going round in circles thought 1 of the feds had maybe just libbed at ripon weather was good and so was visibility but birds were not clearing?
  8. gary conditions at the race point were good dundee went first then nw fed then ours all feds birds cleared quickly a even videod it for you
  9. Arrived at ripon 23.40 birds all watered, if I knew how to put a picture up I would, just to show the moaning ones The Birds Do get watered
  10. never once this year has fife fed had a few hundred birds,the transporter is always at least half full and its twice the size of the kingdom feds i could easily take the kingdoms couple of hundred birds but due to pigeon politics its never going to happen and we have only been at the same racepoint once
  11. my point is a certain person keeps complaining about the lorry,which was used by the snfc for the maidstone race the winning bird being a fife bird,then me not doing the job properly,we had 1 bad race on sunday but so did 2 other feds that i know about and there was uproar which ended with resignations and no racing this weekend ,i had to go and buy myself a go pro camera so i can record what am doing just to prove i am doing it which is totally unnecessary
  12. so what your saying is you losing birds is my fault?
  13. a thought a was doing a good job but mcord and a number of others keep complaining seemingly he was watching me at the last race point said a didnt water or let the birds rest BUT THE CAMERA NEVER LIES OR THE TACO IN THE LORRY??
  14. maybe if you stood by the committee instead of listening to john mcords lies we would be racing this week,mcords only interested in causing bother so that he can transport the birds again,his only interest is money not the pigeons
  15. has not set their status

  16. weather and conditions at the race point were perfect,birds had ample rest and were not up early morning,lib was perfect but birds split in two batches 1 batch headed off in the wrong direction?? birds definitely did not get hit by anything at the race point i watched them disappear out of site,we had 2 races from here in recent weeks with perfect returns???? i think its a perfect liberation site,first young bird race with poorly trained youngsters just my opinion
  17. scrapman

    Sick Birds

    contact colin leask on facebook colin will sort you out with something to help them de weerd just wants your money for something that does not work the stuff colin gives you WORKS guaranteed and for not a lot of money
  18. scrapman


    su19ne5504 posted on facebook its in kinross with a non fancier lady has reported it over a week ago but had no contact from the owner
  19. got a pair of highflyers here your welcome to them
  20. report to graham giddings npa strays 01458 851617 or email rings@nationalpigeonassociation.org
  21. some folk have nothing better to do than complain? nobody asked you to watch it,if it was that bad why not change the channel and watch something else idiots with too much time on there hands
  22. i won 3 and am in fife if theres any others nearby maybe make the courier charge a bit cheaper
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