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  1. Belongs to J.Gormanly 07707286691 was at Wooler race today
  2. Lot 2 £40 lot 16 £40 lot 42 £30 lot 50 £35
  3. Lot 2,14,38,49,51,58,59 - £30 lot 61-35 cheers👍
  4. George Harris having a sale in bonnybridge club hut. Sunday 7th November at 2pm.
  5. Fk4 2eg is postcode for club hut.
  6. The sale of John Houston will be Sunday 3rd October at bonnybridge club hut. 24 pigeons for sale. Viewing 1pm and sale at 2pm. Hope to see few people make sale as be good birds in Auction.
  7. 14/47 LAnarkshire social circle not had a pigeon in 35 mins after coming steady
  8. Well been raining on and off here all day in Kilsyth from about 9:30 this morning. It’s ok mate saying aye but we would have got a race early in the morning but it every fed went up early then everyone be on saying clashing!! I think cancelling was a good call. Try again next week. There only babies for a year
  9. Big well done to GM preece and son who timed at 06:36 this morning 596 miles
  10. Well done the west burn wizard ðŸ†
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