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    Ian mclellands John... sent his number to Davie
  2. blue pied

    Cal 50

    Well done Callum
  3. Well done to former club mate Jim Moffat 4th open Eastbourne ðŸ‘.
  4. I got a doo reported that was 13th section Huntington and been 4th and 7th club this year reported 20 mile away in Broxburn yesterday picked up by a non fancier and handed to a fancier. A funny weekend Stevie. Just glad to get him home.
  5. blue pied


    Well done Martyn and Allan 🙌🙌👌ðŸ½ðŸ‘ŒðŸ½
  6. 1 to come. Gappy at start then came steady
  7. Well done billy + John keep up the good Workí ¾í´™
  9. John is there something wrong with the ridsdale site you don’t like as looking on map There only 3 mins apart both on A68?
  10. I libbed the pigeon at viewpark at 16:30
  11. Mate in the UNC doing roughly 1360 ypm
  12. John you’ve named 2 pigeons in 18 years. Not racing ybs will finish pigeon racing even quicker imo. They need schooled. Don’t race ybs take 40/50 yearlings into kelso first race as yearlings. 2nd race Hexham and 3rd race out 120/130 mile you’ll have 15 yearlings away. Same as what you’d have away racing ybs.
  13. 100% especially in they east winds
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