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  1. http://A one day race is when the birds are timed in on the day of liberation
  2. It isn't any better on laptop, just hit or miss if you get what you are looking for.
  3. Pity someone hadn't killed a peregrine,then maybe the pigeon fraternity would have got some airtime.
  4. Could have been a winner if it had been 3 days earlier, first arrival of 3 sent,4.30 this afternoon.
  5. Must be a void race as all birds were not allowed to compete.Race will probably just be omitted from averages, end of story.Has actually happened before, when birds were found in transporter in Andersons yard, many years ago.
  6. Picked up in neighbour's garden in Carstairs,phone number 01555870758.Getting B&b in basket.
  7. I remember an old fancier giving me good advice.what he said was "If they are no use to me son,they are no use to you".
  8. What about your doo with the tracer ring? Waiting with interest to see how it went this week.
  9. Are we waiting for a south wind?
  10. So I take it that you have to get the birds home before you can trace their flight path?I thought that you could actually follow their route on your computer whilst they were flying.Maybe I'm just too old to understand, but it doesn't seem to be much use if the doos don't return.Not being dismissive of the trial,I think it would be great if we could follow their course.
  11. !957 and 1962 Lanarkshire fed.
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