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  1. we used to have racing like that back a while but not now,i went every friday rain or shine, the only thing stopping a lib was rain and if it persisted then holdover, good old days .
  2. well done john and paul and timers on a hard day for y/birds into the west.
  3. well done lads, a hard route for the doos but they are handlin it very well.
  4. happy birthday wull, ime catching up on yi, ha ha .
  5. joke, jist cancel and wait for weather, its only 60 mile, get a mid week tae catch up but yir strugglin .moray firth club is at 129ml but waiting for weather tae improve tae go tae tarbert what is 156 ml tae me, good groundin for yb irds,
  6. workin in simon, when i get enuff beaks for a meeting they will be telt, good race for you lads cause its a hard route for the doo,s.
  7. ha,ha, ime afraid the buckie doo,s took the tourist route and enjoyed themselves. :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  8. happy birthday lads :emoticon-0167-beer:
  9. well done ryan, have a great day and mebbe win fed intae bargain.
  10. happy birthday gavin, auld sojers never die they jist flee doos. :emoticon-0167-beer:
  11. sure it used tae be 20 min between libs, half hr in my book incase they get turned.
  12. good lee, took the line we thought they would,must have been hiding for the 52 min, prob spotted an osprey, hope simons birds turn in.
  13. in the early days when i starded convoying i was sat at montrose links on a beutifull morning waiting for the thurso birds to come by, they came by straight through our legs a foot off the grass, boy they doo.s were racin, put the hairs on the back o yer neck stand up, up over the houses at the end o the greens and away , around a hundred i would of said, must have been front runners so half hour later not seein anymore i libbed an we had good returns, that would have been 2nd y/b race so i dinne ken how you will fare if all english feds race north? could be long waits.and then winds count but depending where you are can you chance it eh, nae good when you have a feds birdage o y/birds at stake.
  14. hey cem, both my clubs are run by my lad lee and hese nae a bandit but mind you everytime i go intae the shed something is gone so aye he is a feckin bandit ha ha
  15. if it comes then feds will be racing north on east coast,, flat ground ,, so imagine the waiting times for them to pass so you can lib, clashin is inevitable, their birdage will be massive, you lads should be thinkin west is best, ompinion like eh.
  16. ha ha well thought out reddog, nice.
  17. hi ovy, long time no see mate, by the way thanks for the cheeseburger and coffe that day on holdover at consett, i needed it, aye the mountains are very high but the programme has them down the valleys and the two races last year from augustas and william had them following the lochs, the velocities showed that and returns were 100 percent,prevailen westerleys help the birds in our side so hopfully we will get good racin, atb min davy.
  18. lookin forward for a meet up when in oban ally.
  19. been oot roon the toon wie the quine co drivin her tae her carin jobs till she passes her test n theres loads o hooses wae the decks up here in buckie, so theyre a thinkin the same wy. :santa-dance:
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