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  1. happy birthday george, ah tae be twenty again
  2. happy birthday ye auld stray catcher ye :emoticon-0167-beer:
  3. hi pigeonbob the lib site is pitreavie but the driver wont be there untill early hours, best get him sat morning around nine, thanks for the help on behalf of the abdn flyer.
  4. busy cutting grass min, suns up
  5. pitreavie playing feilds on the bottom end of d/fermline, good day for a TRAINER lads, a the best
  6. i watched two buzzards chase a perigrine out of the area at strathdon, the gamekeeper said they were infested and it was a common sight also the pheasants are decimated with the gosh hawk
  7. you lads would have tae jump them in but we would have the miles in them aforehand, just depends on your location, make a change i suppose.
  8. mebbe wee gavin was right a them months ago bout brexit an nat racin, ime with walter, give them the water stretch , a proper test for gold cup or any other nat race and no they winna be hittin borders first for a change, sort the hours o darkness oot eh walter
  9. aye prob best to keep cleaning them off, ive a full round weaned to go to my son whose starting on his own this year and they are down again for my round, open bowl all weather here and they are lookin well, cheers.
  10. hi peter, ive changed this year to granulated garlic, it comes in a tub for horses but i only put it thro feed twice a week, only a ration and its allways eet up, got fed up with stinkin fingers with the fresh stuff, do you think drinking from green algae drinkers are bad for the birds, i have a old style loft with wooden slatted front and the daylight/sun is allways gettin green on drinkers, i normally clean off but have been noticing when walkin dog she will drink readilly from green algae pools but when offered tap water , nae so keen, jist like yir thoughts min, good posts by the way, keep em comin.
  11. cheers phil, ive allways wing stamped but ill go the stickers this year.
  12. when convoyer all nwhu rings wre either put off at aitcheson of eymouth or if not down that far , put out at racepoint, are yous now sayin these strays could have been frae the north o the firth or what, ive been doin this for years? unless told to look out for certain rings, it beggars beleif that people wont put their proper rings on for the sake o a couple o pence,ive took them down tae newcastle and libbed, stick tae yer union rings then there is no confusion.
  13. where do i find the site for ordering the stickers matt.
  14. never does redhen ha ha
  15. All the carry on over a few pence, I'm proud to ring my birds NE, why should I want NWHU rings on Jock doo's, c'mon get a grip.
  16. we have doos north o the border that doo 500 ml on day, why is the chink doo worth that much.
  17. aye, fair enuff but you never know phil
  18. never a truer word spoken.
  19. well done dougie an well done all, hey far wis clockman eh
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