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  1. we used to have racing like that back a while but not now,i went every friday rain or shine, the only thing stopping a lib was rain and if it persisted then holdover, good old days .
  2. well done john and paul and timers on a hard day for y/birds into the west.
  3. well done lads, a hard route for the doos but they are handlin it very well.
  4. happy birthday wull, ime catching up on yi, ha ha .
  5. joke, jist cancel and wait for weather, its only 60 mile, get a mid week tae catch up but yir strugglin .moray firth club is at 129ml but waiting for weather tae improve tae go tae tarbert what is 156 ml tae me, good groundin for yb irds,
  6. workin in simon, when i get enuff beaks for a meeting they will be telt, good race for you lads cause its a hard route for the doo,s.
  7. ha,ha, ime afraid the buckie doo,s took the tourist route and enjoyed themselves. :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  8. happy birthday lads :emoticon-0167-beer:
  9. well done ryan, have a great day and mebbe win fed intae bargain.
  10. happy birthday gavin, auld sojers never die they jist flee doos. :emoticon-0167-beer:
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