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  1. well done the wife matt but hey them traps are sh** mate, just make your own hole, birds ill go straight in nae probs, hud them on half rations, itll work min.
  2. well robbie it tells me tae get trainin end of, bluddy joke imo.
  3. Dave barrie


    well, mebbe try north rd eh lads, plenty mileage innit, good flyers oot o londistan done well oot o lerwick n goin back farther, faroes, leadin up they flew stonehaven, f/burgh, banff, elgin, thuso, first race for our y/birds i had tae hold lib until the thurso birds came by,waitin at stonhaven links to lib cause o the london doos comin by we were surprised by a line o doos that went right by us standin there, they were a foot of the grass and racin, when they came to the houses at the end o the links they rose and straight roond them, the hair on the back o me heed stood up it was such a sight, that doos were racvin like the clappers, ill never forget it, that was london nr rd fed, good birds, n ill never will forget that sight, just totally out of this world and very privelaged to see racers workin for home,
  4. willnae affect us in the north as we all individually train oor birds on line, no fed trainin up here, too wide a spread of area so no point, happy to get going.
  5. well done, good bloodlines, easy to settle, good offer for new start min.
  6. yi get them, bred too many n just want rid ime afraid, nae a dooman in my book.
  7. well done chris on gifting the lad birds, roland, our longest fed race is 500 ml to north o scotland so there is nt any snowflakes up here min.
  8. lovely morning in buckie bob, campervan weather min.
  9. fair enough, good luck wee the birds if we get going.
  10. hi matt, if you have power in both sheds just swap over at start o y/b racing, thats what i do min. hi matt, if you have power in both sheds just swap over at start o y/b racing, thats what i do min.
  11. keeping the fingers crossed, birds up here screamin for the road.
  12. handed in by neibhour, d/check with wing plucked and half eaten,tried giving water and electrolytes but poor doo didnt make it,hawks really bad here jist now.
  13. i tried to log in , wont let me and anyhow, whats this about a room , i thought an online auchtion was what it was, nothing about a room?? hivna got a clue by the way.
  14. good lad jammie, always treated me well while i was driving and anne of course, very critical about the watering o the doos and always inspected the clenleines of the drinkers, milton tabs every week i said, she said oot o yir ane pooch davy, aye i said wee a dry tone, she jist laughed wee aq dry tone aswell, ats p/heed for yi, dry humour like the toon , blue, but they are and were the last o the legends up oor way, now the road is clear for the up n coming new names, i wish them both well and hope jim is recovering well, jim n anne their name will always be on the lips o pigeon lads, atbest.
  15. happy birthday tommy , hae a good yin mate.
  16. aye jimbo ,i served from 74 to 86, my father was gordons and he also served in tunisia, got his africa star along with others, also wounded at that time,after demob he went to work with the hydro in the highlands and was killed in a accident, funny old world eh.
  17. got ours last week archie, one each for family, 16 pound in i tin , never forget the lads, bydand.
  18. fair enough alan, hope you get a good turnout,lot o work involved with shows.
  19. alan well done on passing message but i think you would have a better turnoutif the show was held at banff, more central for a fed thats 109ml wide and 60ml deep,lads from inverness might like to show but its a long day, omo of course, hope the fed gets a turnout.
  20. Dave barrie


    antifreeze has allways worked for me, housemice, feildmice or rat and mebbe human if yi can get it doon the rats neck like...??
  21. gentleman and a good lad, feet up time n take it easy mate, atbest.
  22. dinna listen tae cem archie, hese nae ex forces like we are .
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