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  1. 15 / 19 central red Appleby spaced out
  2. Central fed up at Appleby 10.45 south east wind
  3. Central fed Appleby we will get a race tommorow don't know why use have not went
  4. That's something else I recall guy boness had first 19 his name was Alan may and local paper put the story in it and headline was . It MAY never happen again lol
  5. Just missed fed result mate but chuffed with her 2 fed tickets out 3 races . Not dropped any of ur birds during training or racing
  6. Brilliant del keep them going
  7. Well done Walter hope it's my.blue wf lol
  8. Well done top flying and also big well done to my club mate martyn Brown 3rd section with same doo that won first section same race last year top pigeon
  9. Nice of you freddy well done
  10. Sorry mate made mistake when putting lost bird up its su 20 .ca 996
  11. Sorry mate its 996 cheq hen Well must be 996 al double check in morning
  12. Su ca 20 966 keeps coming back every time its let out any one know who's this is
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