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  1. deff andy new guys that usedit for years allso old hand oneguy iknew use to put peat mixed with garden lime 6 inch deep on loft floor then at end of year went into the garden he grew great veg
  2. sorry misled you i ment simlar blood lines i allso have some of the best vander wegan blood in britain haveing two direct sons of de barceloana as well as dbl grandchildren of others good pigeons very inbred mine great cross with old distance familys
  3. i had same problem with one spot untill i read the lable properly it said one spot per week for 2 t0 3 weeks but agree its main fuction is as a wormer better to dip them
  4. i would not wayst money on on any herbal product i found it all to be crap if your birds have a problem treat with the proper med once you find out what the problem is if im ill i see the doctor not the herbalist just another way to rip the gulable fanciers off
  5. ive got a lead waste coat and im no kiddin make sure the scales in my favour lol
  6. if adid she would be in it driving me nuts need tae get her another job quick lol am to used to me and the doos haven the house to ourselfs in the mornins nae wumen fussen about wae hovers and sh** lol
  7. true its joke now did you know you have to ware a helmet and a high vis vest to go into some scrap yards now f f ks
  8. yes i have some of that lin on the darn plonkers side lol
  9. dont know about fight like f k but he can fly like f k lol
  10. think your right gulkie im sure they go back to raymond moldveld aardens but might be wrong
  11. thankyou mr reid lol just a wee misunderstanding no harm done
  12. id be hartbroken a good pigeon like that going missing off the loft two great names in the breeding to just bought some of jocks blood lines from kerr stainthorpe class birds and two guys with fantastic results ill cross them with my jan aardens see how it goes
  13. louella will change it m8 never had any problem only thing is all there birds may be paired now so might have to wait
  14. a game wee doo all the same m8
  15. i walked right into that one lol the only guy on the site that could disagree just my luck m8
  16. and no im not going to ask for a youngster lol just interested
  17. did not mean it to come across negative m8 and very well done to you but your the first in a long long time at over 500 mile into the west so its a real good pigeon and hats off to you do you still have the doo hows it bred m8
  18. looks more like my line of work im a scrap man lol
  19. i was not talking about you i was talking about the people who did anser the man on the night so where the the posts you think are petty m8 and i am one who would like us all back in one national and the only thing i rubbished about snrp is the pools that i know about i was a member snfc pools are going down hill fast allso and as for 1st open in any one them flying into the west without an east wind no chance so what do you disagree with or think is petty
  20. for me its the birds weight and tightness of body and feather and 1 hour morning and night round the loft for 3 weeks 8 20 mile tosses and there ready to go and do not over feed fat pigeons do not win and it does not matter what you feed them its all about how much hope this helps you
  21. vince thats the anser del should have got is all im saying ive no axe to grind i just hate pettyness and people trying to score points m8
  22. what is that suppose to mean i work to m8
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