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  1. alex its up to you to check whats legal when you buy it nothing to do with any one else three people ansered you one just happens to be the fed pres all are saying the samething thought someone in the game as long as you would have checked it out first m8
  2. ps and if i remember right petron were told this trap would not be legal in scotland
  3. mine to john rule 11 ets shu birds can only record when it has enterd the loft
  4. cant see the pad alex but if your bird can time then walk out then it should not be legal as its timing before entering the loft this trap was objected to by someone in letters page in homing world when petron brought them out dont know if they modified them
  5. and that all im saying m8 the way some guys have it the bird can land right on the board theve just moved the goal posts back a bit to get round it iwould like to see what snfc comitee think
  6. thankyou fifer for finding that rule i thought i was going off my head rule 11 entered the loft it does not say timed in then enter the loft so anyone with these traps are wide open for objection
  7. so your tae blame for all this lol
  8. point is fifer bird should enter loft and time not time then enter loft shu did not make it clear on this there alex has asked and still did not get a clear anser but the man did all he could do to find out this will only be solved when someone objects and loses arace or big money and it goes to council
  9. thats the problem alex they dont know there self linda told me years ago to be fair bird should be trapped then its not oppen to peoples interpretation if snfc come to verify or enyone in club objects i know you are only trying to keep youre self right alex thats why i said for you to check m8 and you have done that fair play to you but now you see the problem its very grey but i hope you do well in youre venture all the stuff looks great keep it coming and good luck
  10. no george what they have done is moved the landing back six inches so the pads inside how many races are lost because the bird wony go in well now they say it does not have to go in its timed before it goes in shu need to sort itout our say we can put pad any where we like that would solve it no interpretations and for the guys that dont have it tough get one
  11. yes its because he wants both take one away as long as he cant see the other hen hell sit next pair m8
  12. youll be ok andy hes away shootin market traders lol
  13. the finish line should be in the loft m8
  14. i do george and lots of races are won on thetrap i dont want to beat my club mates because my birds can land out the sky on to a timeing pad m8 its not right its just the same as putting it under a landing board only they have moved the board back so pads on the inside to keep them legal with maximum advantage
  15. for holes i use super glue clean and dry the wound with kitchen roll diped in warm water half a cup with a teaspoon of bleach or tcp dry off then glue one side of wound along the skin and hold to gether it works great
  16. sounds like the cocks driving two hens so he is allways looking at the one ready to lay so does not want to sit the hens are competing for him so will not let him tread great way to race the hens if you need yb off him put him and one hen in your yb section they should be okpair the other hen to another cock if not race them like that m8 cant get better motivation
  17. not so john the shu had guide lines and rules on ets long before rpra who are still in fighting about it see letters page bhw the problem is its open to the fanciers interpretation and people use it to there own advantage and someone is going to lose big time because of it
  18. dont know about that but there yb have go faster wings and thats what counts lol
  19. correct gulkie they would be able to go to a sale pick out the winners and breeders and beat us hands down and this happens as offten as the pope going through larkhall on a bike lol
  20. not all goods at markets are dodgy m8 honest traders there to your eye is your judge if you dont like dont bye
  21. well done m8 and a proper and fair trap i see thats the way i was told a box trap should be but acording to others you can take your front bobs off so they dont waste any time looking though the bobs
  22. the man deff does not like markets
  23. so you dont like markets then
  24. i studied eye sign for years its a nonsence its nice to look at but apart from health you can tell nothing about raceing or breding abilty from it its just a fact that some families of birds have nice eyes and some do not its a family trait the only way to find out if a bird is a good racer is the basket and the only way to find a good breeding pair is breed lots of yb off them and race them eye sign men who win out of turn are few and far beetween and they win because they have good pigeons not because there pigeons have a good eye nothing more nothing less
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