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  1. Whats the problem with slugs ?? Are they full of disease ?
  2. Hi, Any ideas what this rather large crusty lump is which has developed in the last few weeks and IS GROWING!! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply So what you are saying is (if i'm right) when the pigeons are born is only important regards the racing calendar rather than the condition of the young ?
  4. Question from a complete novice so please excuse I keep pigeons purely for the enjoyment Wanting to add some more What is the difference with late bred ?? Are "late bred" birds that are born later in the season And if this is the case ARE THEY WEAKER should i wait till next spring for my new arrivals Thank you in advance
  5. rich

    Salt !

    Hi, My birds keep hanging round the salt bin on the side of the street (The yellow ones which contain salt for gritting roads) eating the spilt salt I have tried different types of grits, minerals,pick blocks, matrix over the last couple of years Yet my birds are still returning to salt bin Two questions What are they missing from their diet to keep going for salt And Is this constant intake of the road salt doing any harm to my birds Thanks in advance for your feed back Very much appreciated
  6. Hi, One of my indian fantails has very odd tail feathers Its as if the ends are brittle and have snapped off Any ideas Thanks in advance
  7. Hi , Please help One of my hens has returned home with holes in neck and chest Is there anything I should be dressing wounds with Thanks in advance
  8. Oi Oi !! Had mice issues a few weeks back Which I've resolved Do they carry salmonella then ??
  9. I've read on here about Moxidectent before but cannot source where to purchase from By the way thanks for response it is very much appreciated
  10. Wormed with harkers liquid wormer back in the spring
  11. He wanted to put the bird down, he really didn't have a clue
  12. Hi, One of my four year old hens has lost a lot of weight in a quick time (a week) she has lost half her body weight and has an empty crop She has been sat on bottom of loft and has lost the ability to fly She's not all puffed up and sulking but very much alert and feeding/drinking Anyway took her to the vets this morning and he has given me baytril I really don't think he had a clue what was wrong ANY IDEAS THANKS IN ADVANCE
  13. Hi Can anyone give me some advice on where to purchase Moxidectent and dosage Thank you !!
  14. Could you let me know where I can purchase Moxidectent I can't seem to find it
  15. Hi, some advice please Why does one of my birds have a bald chest She's had it for a couple of months now Thanks in advance
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