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  1. m8 if you can smell amonia any time in your loft you have a ventalation problem and it knocks birds off form
  2. maybe ive just been lucky del but at 25 pound its worth a try m8 it was about a week or two before i felt a difference but you must have it on even if your only in loft for a second and if like me you keep baskets in your van or car mines is bad if im near wood shaveings and dropings mixed i have to use shreded paper in baskets that helps when training or transporting the birds hope it helps you m8
  3. give him one a day for three days m8 wont do any harm
  4. correct tony i forgot to mention the soda crystals m8 or sodium bicarbonate
  5. ive posted this before guys i have pfl and i have had no problems since wearing a personal mini air purifier 718 ion generator off amazon 25 pounds its improved my pfl 100 percent you can were it in the car to when training you must try it
  6. open the beak and smell the birds crop if it stinks its sour crop but it can also be adenovirus or what we call yb sickness where the bird is retaining food which also smells bad in both cases wash out the birds crop by filling the crop with water and force the water out if it comes out a green gunge its adenovirus if its sour crop give the bird sour crop treatment or charcoal tablets baking soada works to let me know how you get on m8
  7. good point m8 just thought it would be easyer for admin
  8. just athought tony yer just as good as yer last race as they say lol
  9. why not just scrub them at the start of every seeson
  10. im not comptent enough on computer yet or i would put burnbanks club results on every week and a wee bit about the winning birds every club should elect someone to do it maybe one of my club mates will step up to the plate i phone our results into our local paper every week keeps us in the public eye
  11. its a great thing guys and was the main reason i got a computer apart from seeing you own club and fed you can see how other clubs and feds are doing well done basics team
  12. good idea just put a fold up door on it and that will make it legal lol a dont think
  13. no m8 its not as long as the bird times after it enters not before it enters its part of your loft
  14. no i never said anything about aviary gareth im raceing to one myself
  15. da the rule should be put them where you want and then we have every body the same no missinterpretion of the rule which states the bird must enter the loft before being recorded and im saying no more
  16. and as for cant read i can read rule 9 ok bird can only record after entering the loft you asked my opinion and i gave you it so did others
  17. homer does not matter how you word it your bird can time without going in the loft and thats not right as for the stall trap rubbish the difference is if it got out the stalltrap you were not timed in with the trap you have your timed whether its in or not its up to the guys in your club now as the fed president agrees with me m8
  18. rule 9 states ets can only record after bird enters the loft it does not say time then enter the loft an who sits with there traps shut with ets on arace day come off it people are bending the rules to gain advantage the shu need to make this rule clear does the bird need to be inside the loft or not not half in half out or not really inside but if you shut adoor not really outside what is that allabout if the bird has enterd the loft it should not be able to come back out and should not be able to time unless its right inside end of
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