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  1. close door behind bird or have a box with bobs and pad inside dal if not you leave your self open to objection
  2. not in scotland shu rules bird must be trapped
  3. if the bird can time then fly away your trap is not legal as it was not trapped when timed im afraid thats why its bobs then pad
  4. bob wires must be before pad or not legal bird must be trapped so rule says
  5. i have tried them all cant beat sputnic andy very simple
  6. this can allso be caused by infection in air sack or crop if crop fills with air after being punctured i would give antibiotic m8
  7. i let them rear two andy one in each nest
  8. mid march for me andy to be sure wing is ok on 1st or 2nd flight
  9. i have an old stock cock with feet like this his is caused bye climbing up the wire front of the loft everytime he sees me go past looking for a tip bit
  10. yes but only if club have offcial union reg manual clocksetter then you have a case m8
  11. you are correct fifer one reason is if club does not have power or base station but some clubs now do not have offcial reg clocksetter so cant set manual clocks others just refuse to set manual because of time it takes i know of one clocksetter that only took the job if every one in club used ets because of time what can you do but to be fair everyone in said club had ets through a grant
  12. if anyone takes there case to rpra they will win hands down
  13. walterboswell59


    nothing you can buy works so save your money but i put off a percy that was on the tail of one of my birds by banging a bit of 2 bye 2 off my black plastic house bin it was so loud percy pulled out the chase
  14. guys guys for f k sake get a life yer like wee kids my dads better than your dad lol
  15. think the man means last years late breds to use this year
  16. i know its hard on the guys that do the work every week but thats the way it is its allways been that way same guys every week in every club in the country different if there in the pub we all have a wee moan about it and they have a resonable excuse fair enough if not club officials should pull them up to one side and have a wee word about taking a turn to let one away thats there every week or help in some other way not make a big thing of it
  17. so will early bred yb mik m8 nows the time
  18. good luck you only get out what you put in m8
  19. for me to try and better last year
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