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  1. your right auld pal dont know if you knew wee pat docherty tam thats where that hen came from red hair real nice guy like yourself not many of us left tam lol had david round at the back end last year he was working and seen my name on the door said he thinking starting up again took him round to see the doos 20 stock cocks in section said pick what cock you like ill ring the yb off it for you if you start up the f r picked out my direct son of invincible spirit so he still knows a doo when he sees one lol but there his if he wants them lucky bassa
  2. girls rule boys drule wee elle says thats from a six year old what chance we got was cutting the grass last year woman next door shouts over does your wife no cut the grass walter only if its blocking the door of the mecca bingo i said yer dinners in the dug a voice said smart ass lol
  3. thanks andy il see what i can do m8 ran about with some real good guys and good pigeon fanciers when iwas young learned a lot and being the baby of the bunch forgot a lot but some gstatartreat times and great laughs i looked up to these guys and they neaver let me down good times
  4. well done you as my wee grandaughter would say ladybird think i would letting you take over the young bird team hope that does not cause a fight lol
  5. i im idle just now to much time on ma hands timeing belt snaped on ma transit ma guy cant do it till next tuesday but hes good and cheap so going nowhere and ive got a few i could tell ye m8 lol but its not putting bread on the table if you know what i mean
  6. i have kept pigeons allmost 40 years and had many great wins and memories one that sticks in my mind did not even win but gave me a great deal pride was the first time i got a pigeon on the shift from france so this is the story of the red hen a pal in the club was packing in and asked me to take some of his birds he was not a very good flyer and i was not much better to be honest but i had some well bred birds any way i got five birds of the guy as i was short of hens one was a red hen small to med after breaking them i find out the red hen is stone mad i only need to go near the loft and the red hen is battering off the wire to get away from me clawed ma face a few times and had her in my hands a few times to kill her she was so wild i sent her every race at that time my drinking buddies were vince hendry john mc fall and the late great john feenie of strathclyde lass fame snfc gold award winner it was basketing night for fed channel race i was in the loft trying to dig out something to send i had not put any work into them did not have hope of timer i started to put some peanuts in the tray and noticed the red hen was not there and she loved nuts it was 3 oclock aft noon all the cocks were sitting except hers my nest boxes were very dark i looked inside and she was sitting like a blacky low down in the bowl eyes very wide open she was sitting 14 days i picked her up she was lean an mean and light as a cork i put her on the floor to get some nuts and stood back but this wild nut job of a hen flew on to me clinging to my shirt i pulled her off putting her back on floor again she flew on to me what was wrong with her she hates me then the penny drops im standing in front of her box she climbs round me and gets in ive got one this time i said to my self this is what ive read about but neaver had a 2yr old she had all most every race so i knew she was fit she was tight and corky the way i was told they should be money was tight in those days and it was tues night no money to pull her in fed but made all pools and ladys prize in club sent two dumplins with her gets to club feenies putting the birds through i hand him the red hen as if she was a piece of glass you had to be very carefull with and waited on his expert jugement but he said nothing we all went to the pub after the birds went away my m8 vince asked me what i sent ihad 3 away he had a few away i told him about the red hen how i had neaver seen a bird so keen sounds good he said whats she done he said hows she bred nothing and dont know said i but shes right i know it ill get one on the day this time or ive learned nothing well you will know on friday hop you get her feenie comes back from the bar i cant contain my self i have to know what this great flyer and friend thought of her so i ask him what did you think of my red hen john not enough body on her he says my heart sank i expected him to say great order had i got it wrong again i went home wae ma tail between ma legs race day comes vince phones doos are up six oclock at falaise northwest wind hard race no be many the night a dont think we wish each other good luck and i sit and wait its starting to rain light drizzel the sky grey and its starting to get dark now the dout starts maybe shes a sprinter a dont even know if she was raced before i got her but she was super i thought and so keen i was so sure but feenie said she didnae have enough body and hes the man phone rings five to ten its vince am in wattie he said 5 to 10 well done i said ive got nothing i said but i was pleased for him he ma pal hope ye get one says he what about feenie is he in dont know vince said he nae phone down there think im only doo in club and its gie dark are ye gone for a pint when race shuts idnt think so i said see you lateter i go back out to wait back tae the drawing board for me vince phones again wullie kaines in five past ten dont think any more will get threw its to dark mind regulate yer clock incase ye get one in the morning i go back out its 10 15 im sick as a parrot i would have put ma shirt on that wee doo and i didnae even get an efort a know f k all about doos ive no got the doos and ive learned nothing i go into the loft and start killing birds thats done nothing i nut five then here a bang i peer through the darkness and the red hens on the board i clock her at ten twentynine yed have thought id won the national i wis runnin about the garden like a nutter shoutin a got one a f in got one i was right im gone tae the pub noo i said to the wife a walked in vince and some of the lads were there did you mind and controll yer clock he said i after a timed ma red hen are ye in well done you said yed get that doo and you did john feenie arives did you get one vince asks naw seven away and not a feather i herd you and wullie kane are the only two in the club i and watties in tae with an allpooler that red hen that didnae hiv enough body aw was like a dog with two tales in on the shift on a hard day and beat the great man never forget it hope you enjoy the story lads
  7. i know flagyl metronidazol is part antibiotic i tried to get it here so asked my doctor was told its for urinary and bladder infections
  8. point taken alan but whats the harm in getting clock set 1st is 1st in any race if you get it and the doos dont know there no trying unless its just the hassle of taking the clock back i could neaver see the point in this
  9. jade i was thinking if i nipped up to shu office they would just replace them but that did not happen had to buy more to get my yb team done that year may be diff now though i hope
  10. usullya sign something not right with it they know if a yb not right and stop feeding it give more to the healthy one bin it m8
  11. i know what happens f k all i bought 60 three years ago 12 did not register took them back to shu they said they would tell unikon and let me know still waiting
  12. every one to there own the way that works for you is allways the best m8
  13. ive nothing against darkness other than its not natural and the guys ive spoke to who where on it were not happy with them as yearlings and i can give them a run for there money the way i race them and have the piece of mind im not doing any damage in later life plus seems a lot of bother just to win a young bird race and i like to win as much as the next man but getting them home is the goal for me with yb if they win good and well but i dont knock anyone who does darkness all roads lead to rome
  14. to right andy the birds tell you they are right if you know what to look for m8
  15. i think once you buy them its up to you to find the good ones vince allso the birds you get have to be able to adapt to your way of working sometimes this just doesnt happen for instances a few years ago there was a partnership here that were nearly unbeatable great results in fed then they all fell out one day i met one of theguys and he said to me i hear you have been spending thousands of pounds at louella itold him that was correct he said why did you not come to me i said be cause i dont have the time to train three times a day like you weredoing so i would not have been able to get the best out of them so no good to me he just looked at me as if i was daft and said awright but they were good birds yes i said for your system but not mine you have to get birds that suit your system and your way of working do you agree guys
  16. very well done george if your winning fed tickets your birds are racing and beating lots of birds in our fed keep it up son
  17. yer know listen man i win with them from 60 miles 1st club ist sect often with yb plus yb ave win with yearlings right to eastbourne and knock the s t out the so called fast maturing strains its how you train them that makes them fast you can train a distance bird to sprint you cant train a sprinter to do the distance
  18. yea but ye cannae trust the people outside waitin on them gulkie
  19. to true they would rob ye for pound these days
  20. louella jan aardens dont know much about the new ones but the old family win from 60 to 500 miles into lanarkshire good honest pigeons at a fair price
  21. i would not go anywhere else louella want you to win with there birds ive won with there bushearts jannsens van reets but for all rounders there jan aardens are outstanding thats all i keep now apart from 4 birds i just bought they win from 60 to 500 miles hard or fast raceses and allso real nice people to deal with and the breeding of birds is first class the breeding side has been done for you all you have to do is put them together my advice to anyone starting up would be buy ten yb for 200 pound pair them up next year and fill the loft with them then train the backside off them before racing them to find them out when you get a winner stop it for stock and there all garenteed to be a grandson or grandaugter of a champion simples if you put the work in
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