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  1. just rememberd why the nom clock rule came about to stop cheating by having a 2nd clock at a loft in a better position i am afraid there is no way round that one lads that i can see or you would have got my support you will just have to lump it or get ets or as i did carry your clock with you so this should finish this post as its away to help the cheats
  2. louella jan aardens for me win as yb yrl and old birds from 60 to 500 miles club fed and national and i race natural
  3. mines no to good ethere shug but we will learn m8 lol
  4. at last somebudy talking sense think we are banging our head against a brick wall m8
  5. m8 i said a level playing field with those who have it ets that is not clocks
  6. dont know how it is down south tom but in scotland we are only supposed to get ets rings from our union shu
  7. if you get two clocks set you have to nom your no 1 clock the other clock can only be used in the event of your nom clock being way off time or stoplng ten you can time into no 2 or if rubbers are in clock 1 allready you can open the clock in the presence of another member remove rubbers and time into clock no 2 allso duplacate rubbers go in no 2 clock and both clocks returned to clock setter thats the shu rule
  8. you can allso take your bird to club base station and get a time
  9. it is a level playing field you can get one to but i do agree you should not have to nom a clock there must be a reason for this rule which could now be changed but i dont see a problem as long as all the clocks set are run off used or not for security reasons can someone tell us why the nom clock rule was made please
  10. i agree with you m8 and i dont know why it has to be nom i have no probs with a clock in every section just as long as all are taken back to club for checking why not may be someone can tell us other than your clock setter might not be to happy lol
  11. then you will have the advantage over a guy who is on his own can you see the problem some will allways have an advantage of some sort ets is fastest way of timeing i got mine buy staying out the pub my choice to keep my birdson a level playing field with the others who have it
  12. your right so get ets i had same problem when club members had cars to train there birds i could not afford one fit birds beat unfit birds fact so saved up and got one its life m8
  13. bird must have enterd the loft shu rules in scotland m8
  14. correct my friend i have no problem with guys that dont want to use it or cant afford it its the men that want to take away my choice to have it that i dont get plus eny cheating done has been with clocks or rubbers or both
  15. no m8 both clocks have to go back to check the one not used or with rubbish times has not been tamperd with not taking both leaves it open to cheats when i used a clock the guys on open doors had the advantage then it was the guys with sputnics where you could catch the bird without going into the loft then it was stall traps where you just pulled the rubber off so if i wanted to give my birds every advantage to win i had to get the same as them when i could make it or aford to buy it if i could do neither that was my problem or my choice
  16. they are all good m8 but you get the same make as your club mates are using or you give your club a problem so best to check with club first thats my advice
  17. i have ets and would not have a problem with someone using two clocks as long as both are returned after the race for checking even if only one is used but i fail to see the advantage it would be to a single fanciar when i was using my stb i took the clock to where the bird was not the other way round
  18. a good pigeon tammy and norrie and andy still banging them in good doo men with good doos you allways need a wee bit of luck to m8
  19. wellcome to the best site in the land but im bias its the only one iknow how to get on to computer novice lol
  20. all play and no work makes jack a poor boy to lol
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