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  1. i have raced sqeakers for years with good results and yes 1st lancaster jumped strait in 128 mile after 8 tosses ist and 2nd club ist and 3rd sect 4th open consett 4800 birds two nest mates north west wind 100 odd miles 9 tosses from 12 to 3o miles there first race the hen that won the section that day won 1st club 1st sect 12 th open lanarkshire fed salisbury 2012 the other thing about squekers is the wing and feathers are great and they have not learned to hit the deck when percy attacks if they have a brain they batter on but they must be able to fly round my loft for two hours a day and ranging before i put them in a basket as soon as they have been outside the loft a few days there chased up with the older yb remember there birds there born to fly swallows and other birds that dont get feeding our pigeons get migrate 3000 miles at six weeks old and just a wee bundle of feathers wee are to soft and our birds to pamperd well thats my opinion for what its worth
  2. cost a fortune and still have to go to post office to get one m8
  3. im same as you blas and said same thing on here last week but got a deefy would be a big help
  4. glad to hear it take care
  5. im sure this law was made after that clown shot and killed the wee boy in glasgow afew years ago with a 22 pellet gun ive got one for the rats
  6. ive got spots older than you george lol
  7. im pretty sure there was something in the paper saying the same thing about biggar in lanarkshire might have been on the news as well 2 3 years ago lots of pigeons going missing
  8. and ma auld pal john king telt me his secret hes 80 and fit as a buchers dug am jest makin up a brew o it the noo good stuff
  9. hea you am no sixty yet hea you am no sixty yet
  10. i would put a sputnic on it much easeyer birds trap no prob and you can let them out from it to
  11. very well done lads you are both a credit to lanarkshire fed
  12. mine to need a bit of luck hope i havent used it all up during racing lol
  13. m8 thats because every one has had somesort of illness
  14. george you will get them at blantyre club hut if they still have them good beans m8
  15. they will do the job just now put a full newspaper spread out flat on the floor of each box then just remove top page as it gets dirty take out any staples first put a bowl in and they will do the rest good luck
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