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  1. RIP John , an absolute gentleman he was very good to me when I started racing . Was always great to see him in Dublin and Blackpool . Condolences to his family .
  2. IHU 16 S 034277 First race tomorrow fingers crossed.. Last time i done this it was the kiss of death lol
  3. Rathfarnham RPC 14 sent 409 I've heard we will have over 12,000 In the Irish south road fed...
  4. Forecast for the weekend not great ...
  5. Have not been on in a while but found this thread very enjoyable to read ... Killed an hour in work yesterday lol
  6. Plenty of top fanciers in Ireland & the Uk use heating panels i think they would have a different opinion.
  7. Great win for him it was a cracking game....
  8. Morning all, big day today cmon IRELAND!!!
  9. That stuff would be highly concentrated, while an animal may not overdose it could make it extremely sick if the correct dose is not given...
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