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  1. Congratulations 1st open SNFC
  2. Got my first from Maidstone 1/8
  3. No for much longer...no passengers next year
  4. Well done Gary on winning the national
  5. 0/8 here jst back from the loft hoping to see something pop in bt I fear they are still in the south east....many pigeons reported in Essex etc Looks like the full country got it really hard.....
  6. It looks like the full country got hammered
  7. Great and gallant pigeons made it tonight but the video I just seen is a shanner....this is supposed to be the national....
  8. Yeah will need to be something along those lines
  9. Fear there could be a birdage cap for Guernsey...apparently jst the one transporter tht can carry 2k pigeons has been booked on....with it being the only channel race we will get more than that I think...may be booking another lorry I suppose
  10. Well done Craig...well deserved
  11. 6 mins past your time bed time Tommy I only set the clock to make my record keeping easier lol
  12. Great news Be good if the fed put a trainer on ...call it a dummy run kinda thing
  13. Your allowed to train and have been for weeks
  14. Could race as soon as Defra say so now....
  15. Had the same.... got 7 out my team within 5 or 6 weeks of being allowed out Im one of 9 on a compound we are all getting it Defo the worst I've ever seen it....
  16. Yeah well that's true lol
  17. Don't take it to heart tommy lol
  18. Only when you were controlling tommy lol
  19. BICC voting today regarding north route
  20. Think we all need to start having these discussions
  21. Also for those who fancy it training to commence tomorrow on an individual capacity as long as you stay local (Council area) I'm getting murdered at the loft so might go training
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