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  1. Won't be the case this year tommy...the committee will think of everyone this year not just their driver 🤣🤣🤣
  2. 26th is a Monday that's why I said 1st May
  3. https://www.rpra.org...ng-in-scotland/ Looks like 1st of May for a race within Scotland ie Kelso for Lanarkshire Atleast things are moving jst need bird flu to bolt
  4. Only natural mate enjoy it pal...hopefully next season we can put a fight up
  5. You also think your club and history never died but oh well
  6. He should have been gone in October he shouldn't have been given the time to leave on his own accord.... no time for sentiment in football I for one regardless of results I'm over the moon he's gone was a mistake bringing him back, his football his dreadful his recruitment dreadful and his manner is dreadful Now for the clear out Kennedy and Strachan out too
  7. Great news for England...yes a few things need to fall into place ie bird flu restrictions but looking good. Here in Scotland I fear the worse with Sturgeon tbh
  8. Arthur Morrison has decided to call it a day due to ill health He has pipo boxes and nest boxes all made by Muttley for sale I believe the pippos are only a year old.. he has other equipment for sale along with a compound If interested drop me a message I'll get his number to you
  9. Aye sounds about right tbh... ones went wae one so the other said lets use the other one 😂 Only in doo racing can ye put up money to fund a race for the whole of Scotland and get called a narcissist fkn unbelievable this game
  10. Yeah exactly...imagine a stranded hill walker radios in his co-ordinates and the mountain rescue says dammit he's using benzing we use xyz we canny find him lol
  11. Baffles me why there should be any difference in distances (I know there is) Question is why? The libsite co-ordinates and your race loft coordinates shouldn't be any different no matter what system you use to pinpoint Dont know if the issue is the RPRA use diff libsites from shu
  12. Moved these 5 today got a few more moving over tomorrow
  13. Apologies....at around 14mins it repeats itself They say in showbiz you shouldn't work with kids or animals not sure what one gaz fits in too haha
  14. Have a watch guys One of the best partnerships in Lanarkshire fed Part 1 Part 2
  15. Bigda will be back when were are tap eh they league.... so who knows the doo gem might be done the way we are playing lol
  16. Sure is mate... his original club voted to leave Glasgow fed and the newly formed club rejected his application for some reason
  17. Buzzing for big Ally The big man has been accepted into Hamilton Independent and South Lanarkshire He will be an asset to the club and what a commitment to flee pigeons Welcome Ally
  18. Don't know why I'd go to Manchester and destroy a city Rab
  19. Think we got the beating of ourselves Rab
  20. Must be a record 55 titles in 8 or 9 year is it
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