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  1. No mate I'm just off stonefield road still building my loft you in blantyre
  2. Yeah mate that would be ideal mate I would really appreciate that thanks I prob couldn't collect for a week or so is that ok
  3. So I take you can just build your own viewing cage there seems so much to learn and take it I used to fly pouters when I stayed in glasgow and it was far easier but less rewarding I suppose
  4. I'm south lanarkshire mate blantyre the area
  5. I've got one sputnik just now someone has giving me I take it I will need another one for the other section or can I build a trap
  6. Thanks mate great help.just can't wait to finish the loft off now
  7. Well ideally I want to race them I won't have a prob getting young ones to start with as I know a few people just now but I feel like I'm pestering them lol and most have them have 30 ft lofts and bigger so I can really compare my ten by six loft to there's if you had a ten by six how would you set it out mate any advice will be much appreciated
  8. Thanks very much mate is it quite easy to build your perches or is it better just to buy them
  9. hi guys im new to this racing pigeons but very keen ive started building my loft only a 10 x 6 because of the lack of room in the garden. im going to have two 5x6 sections i dont have a prob building the loft but its the inside that im puzzled by i dont know what i should have etc i would be very grateful if anyone can shed some light on this for me.
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