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  1. A was jst joking....danny was/is a gd laugh He provided plenty entertainment over the years Never lol
  2. Been ringing ybs last few days... most going to other lofts
  3. Final part guys Thanks for watching and thanks for Ally providing the video's Atb
  4. He ruined this forum
  5. A short video Jimmy is in https://youtu.be/QL6YL74djxY
  6. She's a beauty...bred by the bold ally up in Oban
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Been a while since I done a video... I'll try keep it up if anyone can be bothered watching If anything in lockdown its something for me to do I don't get out the house much since I work from home now lol
  9. Tragic news Condolences to the Murphy family
  10. Bare in mind these are the guys the BICC used to get them across this hear
  11. A public announcement from Geo This year has been honking But next year will be stonking Lets not look in the past Lets make the doos go fast Many doos are P*** But don't let tht *expletive removed* yer wish Hope the fed stops being gay And we actually race on a Saturday Yours truly Geordie Baird
  12. Not ending anytime soon unfortunately
  13. I think 1st for me tbh...Reims has been terrible for the SNFC
  14. Yes I'm a member but like whats happened with Lanarkshire I wasn't getting my mail because I moved house and contact details not up to date.... or maybe ye don't get posties here in Glenmavis
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