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  1. Yip..... RPRA meeting DEFRA 9th of April hopefully good news comes from that...which would allow Scottish feds to race 26th onwards so guessing 1st of May....and hopefully the EU situation is sorted for the channel enthusiasts by the time our programme gets there...issue for some of the south boys they ain't gonny get the distance on the pigeons before they are allowed in France for the big internationals etc
  2. No its no unlike the rpra one lol
  3. geordie1234


    First to announce north road programme
  4. Pigeons allowed out for an hour a day
  5. They are only allowing poultry outdoors on the 1st of April...I think it will be like that for the whole month of April before any further relaxation happens
  6. Copied Important Update: The very recent update from the RPRA sent to the BICC and many many others in the Fancy, has clearly caused both awareness of the current European Law concerning movement of all birds within the EU, and considerable debate and concern amongst the pigeon racing community, as to whether English clubs will, or will not, be allowed to race from France and Spain in 2021. The RPRA with whom we have been in discussion are confident and supportive and consequently the BICC wishes to advise both their members and the wider racing community at large, that we intend to continue with our cross-Channel program commencing with the first race from Falaise on May 1st. The BICC would like to thank Ian Evans and the RPRA for all the hard work being put in.
  7. If its a national race defo
  8. That's the EU Tommy mate...
  9. Said tht to my mate in Essex...said you think you have a percy problem wait to you lib doos in numbers up here Tommy with recent updates the clock might be set for kelso í ¾í´£ Good shout
  10. Yeah it would have had to be in b4 an agm
  11. Wait tae 20k bicc doos are libbing at strathy park 🤣
  12. The bigger issue isn't whether its sorted for June its what happens with the English guys who are expecting to race from France in a months time...decisions will be made and if they decide to go north decisions and plans need to be put in place Yip
  13. Yeah we will be sitting waiting until 10am as per the ridiculous rule then we will need to wait until 50k pigeons get libbed and head south and don't cross paths....controllers nightmare
  14. Mines fly 500 miles fae the coast anyway I'm sure lol
  15. Atleast we can get to the coast the English will need to go North
  16. Going in the right direction
  17. Aye I'll be sending jst no clocking 🤣🤣
  18. Aye your prob right mate No bother me so much this year as my clock won't be set much í ¾íµ³
  19. Yeah mate defo.... sports taking a pounding jst now
  20. Although regarding SHU and RPRA advice I don't know why we can only race in Scotland ...plenty of businesses are running up and down the country and feds are businesses at the end of the day Be racing regardless jst might be 20 kelsos in a row 🤣
  21. SHU advice now out Just need bird flu to bugger off and we should all be bk on track
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