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Q & A Session With Delboy

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What a great read this was, some good sound information, Thanks Andy, and thanks to Derek, would be great if we could have this more regular, maybe members putting questions to these top fanciers. :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping:

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Great thread, cracking read, well done Andy, an delboy great insight of top flying

just like to ask Delboy more about Fence in hens section to stop pairing ???? :emoticon-0138-thinking: :emoticon-0138-thinking:

cheers del


I dont need the fence anymore as my hens are kept in the aviary and my feeding system curbs their appetite for mating up most of the week.I used the fence years ago and never knew anyone to have tried it before.Now you see them used everywhere.It was a fantastic system, I used to tap a cane on the floor and the hens jumped up onto the v perches while i pulled the fence in front of them.Perfect, its amazing what you can teach them to do.When I got pigeon lung I devised a basketting method and I tap a cane and have 50 ybs basketted in 10 seconds.Make it simple ;)

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Great read Del thanks for the mention but after all that great info you have NO CHANCE of getting my field . Best of luck next season , ps I still have a g/daughter off spider she is a belter and is going over the water next year .



Good luck with her m8 and good luck with your fk in field lol

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