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  1. Having the Choice to go East or West cant be bad thing , Especially if it f/c foggy on east coast or gale wind on west. An if the returns are better on west , am sure Nosf will gain as NATIONAL fanciers will won’t get birds down East before hand, An anyway been 30 odd year since fed tryed going down West , Main Excuse too many Bops !!! THAT WIZ 30 year AGO Cana be any Worse than EAST
  2. Nice one Lee , sounds great , count me in, Spent 4 days down west only cn one Bop ,Ronnie Nice one Lee , sounds great , count me in, Spent 4 days down west only cn one Bop ,Ronnie
  3. Who listens to the RSPB , all Raptors in decline 🤔🤔 says it All , 4 pair hen harriers up here an looks like young have just left nest, They buzzing about here , good to see,
  4. R.A.M.C.63


    All best everybody ,
  5. All best everybody,
  6. No worries our union/s will do big p.r. Control job 😂😂. Just don’t hold ur breath waiting ,
  7. All best who sent , sounds lik good cool start for them , Atb
  8. Any takers rubber rung
  9. Hi John, Got to disagree we you about weather conditions NOT mattering, when bop needs to feed ? Yes he will TRY to hunt, But Wet feathers don't work as well as dry , Also these birds don't have big energy stocks So on windy days they to work harder to stay on prey , And that's why fanciers who wait for so called Bonny days to train Sun out ! Clear sky's ! Light breeze ! Tossed at Noon ! End up looking for a Rope !!! John at Percy wiz doon port Gorden area this morning , ur problems probably come Fa Cullen side , Good luck John ,
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