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  1. Congratulations to you both
  2. Cracking family of birds
  3. Bryngwynt Lofts


    Did you get her off a one loft race auction site ?
  4. Bryngwynt Lofts


    ernie walley , lofts as hes 86 and age has caught up with him so all birds and lofts gone . Ernie sent him by courier to his good friend john lane up in canteberry in kent to mark for a race from san sebastian in france , so technicaly this bird had to fly on his own once he reached the kent coast probablly a distance of 300 miles on his own [hence the aptly named ;loneranger; i remember it well both us pacing up and down the lawn waiting for him to come . Nearing 10 pm i said to the old fella hes not gonna make it today ern ? he just sat there and just looked at the sky without looking at me said hes coming lad , still searching the sky .within 5 mins ern said lets go and shoot a rabbitt [think he was admitting defeat here[n the field behind off we went gun in hand shot a couple of rabbits within 10 mins as we were locking up preparing for an early rise the following morning we looked into his section . there he was sat tight in his bowl , we onl;y went and missed him come . The following year we sent him again and we never left the loft , knowing not hoping that hed come , seeing him close his wings from 500 yds away with both of us standing there was the most emotional / best expierience ive had to date with the birds , this blue cock was probablly the best long distance bird in to north wales to dat
  5. I have cultivated the Lambrecht family over many years now, and my stock team is stronger then ever.I always introduce from only the Top Breeders or racers. In the past 4 years, my birds are responsible for over 80 x 1st Winners, including Federation Winners, Combine Winner.Results coming All over the uk England, Scotland Ireland & Wales in all competitions. Super Lambrechts might not be the fashionable name, they have been in the UK for 25 years Winning from the word go. Another successful season having reported the following results all over the UK.So it’s not loft position getting the results, Winners reported in England, Scotland and Wales in 2021. 2021 Feedback totals 1st x 24 2nd x 12 3rd x 12 4th x 9 5th x 13 Federation & Section results 1st x 4 2nd x 5 3rd x 6 4th x 6 5th x 2 Combine results 1st x 1 2nd x 1 3rd x 1 4th x 1 We are again offering from our successful Lambrechts and Van Loons 2022 youngsters. Results since 2017 yb -2021 1st x 86 2nd x 73 3rd x 49 4th x 33 5th x 25
  6. 👍 thanks for that did not no that.
  7. If it’s your post and click on it now, on my phone it says share and report but also edit. But the edit option is only on your post hope that clears it up 👍
  8. It’s good to see you back on the site, hopefully now you are on the mend.You will just have to take easy until you feel 100% better.Take care and wish you a speedy recovery. ( the dots in right hand corner of your post, if you click on these.It gives you different options including editing .Hope that tip helps )
  9. That’s great news, sounds like it was a great success. Also some tips shared as well 😀
  10. Thanks Andy it’s same way bred as our OLR prize bird.
  11. Another successful season having reported the following results all over the UK.So it’s not loft position getting the results, Winners reported in England, Scotland and Wales. 1st x 24 1st Federation Winners 1st Combine Winner Looking to add some fresh Blood to your team, from a successful Loft with over 80 Winners Reported in the past 4 years.And over 300 Top 5 positions The Lambrechts have been in the country for 25 years now, Winning then and still Winning today. We have a selection of young Cock and hens available ideal stock birds.
  12. Very nice result and looks as well
  13. Great photo and still with the doos now.
  14. Thanks I’m using the Colin Leask products, the past 3 months and are looking good.
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