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  1. Well done both a fantastic season for you.
  2. Well what a Season 2022 has been for everyone.I would like to Thank everyone for there feedback again this year. We have had some Fantastic feedback from lads who had stock or young birds from me. Results coming from around the Uk again this season. Old bird Season 1st x 28 2nd x 9 Plus many more Young bird Season 1st x 13 2nd x 9 Plus many more Federation Results 1st x 4 Plus many more Amalgamation Result 1st x 1 Breeder Buyer 1st x 1 So 2022 Top 3 results totals 1st x 41 2nd x 18 3rd x 11 In the past 5 Season we are responsible for… 1st x 127 2nd x 91
  3. That’s a lovely loft already to go for some lucky buyer.
  4. Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth ll.
  5. Happy Birthday hope you have a fantastic day πŸ₯³
  6. Good luck to all racing this weekend
  7. Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth
  8. congratulations on two fantastic results.
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