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  1. Young Kyle down in Scarborough has this one coming tomorrow. I think it might be a Lanarkshire bird.
  2. 60 birds from Section E and 26 from F must be the lowest turnout ever. Been horrendous racing into the west for you guys. Seen those GPS tracker maps today it's fighting what is happening to the birds. Lanarkshire will need a degree in geography to work out a route next year.
  3. Drove up from Scarborough just back low cloud but weather was dry and visibility good till Penrith a wee rain shower at Carlisle then visibility was good on the home end. Good luck hope it goes well.
  4. Lanarkshire are at Billericay this weekend pity those doos found in London could get to rounded up and get a lift north.
  5. The Red Arrows will be doing a flypast at Edinburgh tomorrow morning and then heading for Prestwick airport to re fuel. Their route will take them past Carluke (between Law and Carluke) at roughly 11:30 weather permitting.✈ï¸
  6. The red Arrows will be marking 75th anniversary of the ending of the war in Japan VJ day on Saturday 15th with a flypast in Edinburgh,Belfast,Cardiff and London times to be confirmed. Just thought better to give you guys a heads up. Maybe check the red arrows Facebook page for times.
  7. Doos on the way home and will be liberated at uddingston 17.00
  8. frank-123


    Frightened birds going the wrong way then looking for a safer way home. Very interesting pictures.
  9. frank-123


    Aye Tommy some people would prefer the dark ages. Keep working for the members and never forget that and you wont go wrong.
  10. frank-123


    You need to add that new organisation to your list on your bio Tommy. I think Scottish fanciers can thank you and the Lanarkshire fed officials for pushing the SHU into action eventually.
  11. Well done Lanarkshire fed and Tommy hopefully you guys can get some decent races when they start.
  12. Yes some feds doing 2300
  13. Tommy if you get back from Dunbar quick enough on Sunday you can join the thousands of protesters at Glasgow Green. The Scottish government says they cant stop you joining thousands in the park but think you training members pigeons is more dangerous. The Jockdown is over BLM... Big Lanarkshire Matters.
  14. Jamie get down the club with your doos early fill the baskets with your cocks and hens leave drinkers on them in the club house. That will get you a couple of tosses.
  15. It would be different if you had hundreds of guys going to meet up but it's a handful at each club and they should all give 6ft 6in social distance space and wash hands wear a mask everyone knows the drill by now. Guys who dont want to race should go to the club early and fill baskets with there own birds and leave drinkers on them.
  16. Andy you do know that it's the pigeons going to Dunbar and not individual members?? So going by the rules of Nicoliar. Members are staying within the rules of social distancing and the 5 mile is guidance but not law.
  17. frank-123


    Maybe try and get to the channel islands for the gold cup.
  18. frank-123


    Amari plastics in Tannochside Masterton Way, Uddingston, Glasgow G71 5PT
  19. Get cheap sheets of plastic up at Amari plastics tannochside.
  20. The chemists were slow to use us at first but w have been fantastic when they got to know us. Just glad to help hopefully they remember us in the next couple of months.
  21. Thanks George been very difficult for our guys recently and they have been doing an outstanding job. Hopefully things can get better once we start to come out this lockdown. I have hand sanitizer,masks and gloves for the Greenfield club when you guys start back.
  22. Sorry not exactly but not too different is that better for you?
  23. The Scottish advice today is the exact same as England got days ago. Our Infection rate hasn't changed so why did she wait? Hopefully you guys can get some old bird racing now.
  24. I thought the would struggle too but nearly every nest I check they are all feeding well without racing pigeons. The ones in the wild might be struggling a bit hopefully.
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