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Got tracking system at xmas only now been trying it out showed birds homing and the way they straitened out the route as they got more tosses 3 tosses from the same point no problems all home in under 40 min 4 toss

As we have all wondered where our bird go when they dont turn may be BP or classing this 4 toss turned out to be a eye opener .

From lib point in carlisle to my loft in a strait line 32 kilometres have a look at the route the bird with the tracker took still 4 bird from 16 missing all well schooled birds

Total distance covered 220 kilometres

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Can any one tell m how to upload a picture its telling my file to big

If it's a photo...go to picture manager or similar and use its edit facilities to compress the file size ...then try to upload newly saved image onto this site

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For the people that have not seen it in action hears how it works


You buy the kit from china around £260 with this you get 5 rings and 5 dummy rings the dummy rings are to put on the birds at home to get them used to them

You also get all the kit to load into your computer it uses google earth to map them

You set the ring at a time that you wish the ring to be active from this can be hours or days in the future when activated the battery lasts up to 9 hours

I set it around the time i expect to be liberating at.

some times as in the small picture i set it to early and you can see the car journey before liberation at Carlisle and Gretna

The rings cost £30 to replace also i will point out that i had to pay a further £60 in duty to the customs before delivery

On return you down load the ring info this tells you distance between lib point and home address average speed- height and distance travelled

You can see on at any point the birds height and speed

You can set the logger to take readings at different intervals

Hope this goes some way in explaining how it works

Abetter more in-depth explanation can be found on youtube got to ALOHA PIGEONS he shows you and explains very well how it works and how to buy

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My mates got that system , found his birds tend to stick close to a main road then they seem to start to make for his loft at a large roundabout so they flew a L shape rather than cutting the corner, I wouldn't have believed it unless he had showed me

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