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A Few Youngsters


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Nice pics and great stats to go with them, seeing the bronzing on the two dark youngsters reminded me a friend had the Wildermeerch back in the 70's and 80's, Very solid strong birds in hand.


Thank you

The fvw I have are all solid built and a little larger than a lot of birds I put through at marking , I thought some are a bit deep but even the deep ones seem to do ok

I got the size down with a few crosses but I don't want to go away from what does ok for me so I then try to put them back to a Fvw

They are all from Shane Langton. I believe a lot of his were from Bertie fletcher

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Last of my first round I fostered out the first round of this pair so he is a bit younger

Looks like he is going to be a big boy , sire my no1 wildermeersh cock dam a zwol got her start of 2018 bred fed winner old birds 2019 , bred a yb club winner 2019 yb season with a different cock to 2018 so looks a promising hen


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