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  1. Well done Charlie & Glen, excellent season
  2. All ring numbers for the Dundee & District Flying Club breeder / buyer competition to be with club secretary, Jack Alexander no later than Saturday 16th July. The breeder / buyer race will be flown from Harrowgate on 3rd September, 2022.
  3. SU 16 NE 6787 - this bird has been hanging around a garden in Edzell for over a week. My sister in law has tried to catch it on several occasions to no avail. It is getting food from the bird table in her garden. Hopefully it will build up enough strength to make it home ? Just to let the owner know of it's whereabouts.
  4. The following rings were found beneath a peregrine's nest, Cupar, Fife. SU 21 AF 888. SU 21 AF 1953. SU 20 AF 282.
  5. On behalf of the Dundee & District flying club I would like to thank all fanciers who donated a young bird and all those that purchased a youngster at our breeder buyer sale today. Thanks also to auctioneer Bruce McKenzie, Pigeon Basics for allowing our sale to be advertised on the site, British Homing World and BHW scribe, Joe Murphy for giving our sale a mention. Good luck to everyone that purchased a youngster. Brian Donnelly.
  6. THIRTEEN-- SNFC / SNRPC 1st open winners donating to this sale, plus many other top fanciers !!
  7. The Dundee & District Flying club are to hold a breeder / buyer sale on Sunday, 10th April, 2022 in The Taxi Club, 80 Rosebank Street, Dundee DD3 6PG. Birds on view from 1pm, sale to commence 2pm Winning bloodlines will be on offer from club members and other top Scottish fanciers. Anyone wishing to donate a youngster would be much appreciated. This has been a popular sale in recent years, paying out around £700 each of the previous sales. All welcome, for what should be an enjoyable afternoon out.
  8. Rest in peace John, condolences to the family.
  9. Just read an excellent article on Robert Reid in this week's Racing Pigeon, written by Mary Thomson.
  10. I'm sorry to be reading this and really hope Jim reconsiders? Not many better fanciers than Jim Cullen.
  11. It's getting serious now Derek, the losses are not sustainable with old and young birds. Even diehard fanciers will be leaving the sport if we get many more seasons like this one.
  12. Lochee club - secretary Jim Bremner - tel 01382 623457.
  13. Congratulations Jim & Gary
  14. Mossgiel


    Pleased for you
  15. Mossgiel


    Hope you get her. It's hard enough to get that calibre of pigeon without them being taken by a percy around the loft.
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