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  1. think he will win it this year. in years gone by he would have been number 1 winning all the grand slams but the current crop are tops. Australian Open finalist 2012, Wimbledon finalist 2012, Olympic gold medal winner 2012, US open champion 2012, Australian Open finalist 2013, Wimbledon finalist 2013 - hes really at the top of his sport. I am happy to say that the Federer years are officially over! Damien can now retire back to Switzerland! TF! :-)
  2. Two minds are greater than one. Spread the work load and cost especially when trying to juggle a full time working life as well as full time care of racing pigeons. Depends on the partnership regarding arguments etc. I wouldn't go into partnership with anyone who I didn't get along with so its just as well its with my father. A partner with experience is great and someone new to the sport brings fresh ideas and a new way of thinking. One thing I have noticed is it is difficult to move the pigeon game forward as it seems to be stuck in a time warp but as with everything it has to move forward and younger new members and fresh thinking will do that. Having been in a partnership since I started in the sport it would be difficult for me to be on my own now but if this game is for me and I want to continue in it and do well then my whole life would have to adapt to that change and that's something that would need a lot of thought although I have a feeling this is a life game for me now whatever the future may hold. My biggest drawback would be I don't drive. Hats off to the guys who do it all on their own and are successful.
  3. Have some respect mate, people still waiting on a lot of great pigeons to return home and already you are knocking them by saying they are all dead due to hawks. I don't disagree with your point but there is a time and place for discussion and now Is not one of them.
  4. well done everyone who timed. Well done J & J Hood, :-)
  5. All the best for the morning everyone.
  6. Good John. I wish I knew where they get to at times.
  7. Got our d/ch cock this morning, well flown out but very pleased to see him :-)
  8. well done to everyone on the result :-) Still cant believe we didn't get our d/ch cock, it was his kind of race, hes dead! Nice to see E & K and T.Richardson well up on the result :-) Well Done W.Horne on 2nd Sextion E, excellent result.
  9. Still 0/2. Work to do here but if anything it will drive us forward and in the back of my mind I know I will lose better pigeons in the future so its a learning curve. Still looking for them though as I don't believe they didn't make it because they were not good enough :-(
  10. All the best to everyone who sent. Hope its a good race with good returns.
  11. Did the Gilmour's not get their clock checked?
  12. well now I know, cheers mate!
  13. You fly into Elgin mate, as far as I am concerned you guys who fly that far north are the bee's knee's.
  14. I agree but your are not giving them enough credit for being smart. If anybody knew what made them come home from such great distances then we would be smart but as it is nobody can answer than question outright with a definitive answer so in my eyes that makes them extremely smart and def smart enough to dodge rain showers they can see from miles away, no problem and they will make it home even if they are not motivated, well bred and have crap management, maybe 2 weeks late but they are still home. Don't decry your racing mentality though :-) :-)
  15. Getting a section prize and being on the open result in our first snfc old bird national will long live in the memory, I seen him coming from miles away and what a buzz. Yes I agree long term we are all about over the water as well but I will never forget our first snfc race from Newbury and I couldn't give a hoot that its ONLY an inland national.
  16. Its not rained like that here for nearly 2 months and we get a lot of rain here. Yes if they were smart enough they would have flown round it but if they were anywhere near home in that downpour they could have been sitting on a roof local for at least an hour and that would have taken them up to dark o'clock! who knows! my throat is really sore now though! :-)
  17. At 9pm tonight in Cumbernauld the rain was lashing down, no doo's would have made it through that and its showers all over the route home all day, good decision me thinks. Monday race? cough! cough! I have a bit of a sore throat I certainly hope it doesn't get any worse before Monday :-)
  18. Good question? is it to do with populated pigeon areas?
  19. Whats wrong with Bonnybridge club for SNFC marking, its bigger than Bo'ness where we marked?
  20. J & C Gilmour from Cumbernauld timed at 10.30pm on night of race and got another early doors on Saturday. Well done John and Colin :-)
  21. Any idea of the section E birdage for Maidstone? We sent two hopefuls but through at Bo'ness.
  22. How many doo's have been affected by this? Surely they must withdraw the affected birds from the race? ? When can we expect a decision on whats happeneing and how will that be relayed to members?
  23. I hope the race and its winners are not blighted by this strange event.
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