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  1. Sent 14 this morning. batch of 11 and then 2 singles 5 minutes later, 1 to come! :-)
  2. Got 3 today so ended up with 8/10.
  3. Yes. Glasgow Fed is lazy with its admin. :-)
  4. ended up with 5/10 before nightfall, lots more missing in the club. 20 mins behind the winner to boot. Very strange day at the races. If its taught me one thing its that I should be breeding my own doos and not buying in anymore.
  5. Not a feather from 10 libbed 12.30pm at Kelso. 65 Miles. Total disaster will be a lot of very upset fanciers tonight in our club. Just thankful we sent less than half our team :-( :-( :-( Change that to 1/10 timed 15.16
  6. That's exactly what I thought when you made your original post. How does it become a reality though?
  7. Agree 100%! excellent idea how do we get it voted through? :-)
  8. This is the 1st time I have heard anybody mention clashing over the water. Very interesting point! Is there evidence to suggest it with birds being reported in those countries? It is also very heartening to see newer members to the sport (of which I am) and more experienced members having a good discussion about the way forward. My own stance is that things have to change big time as I know for sure that I have club members who can challenge for good prizes but choose not to, its time too move forward, the sport has always been a sport that ages with its members and that needs to stop. There is nothing more interesting to me than listening to older pigeon men talk about their hobby and seeing two of them today for the 1st time in a long time reminded me of that. Nice to see you guys today (got 21 from 24 training today and they are ready to race now, hope you done okay as there was a lot of birds in the sky today) Andy :-)
  9. got one of my two sent to Maidstone reported dead in Berwick with a similar fate 3 days after the race.
  10. Well done Paul and Erin I am chuffed to bits for you guys. Nice to take 1st and 2nd as it backs it up. All the best for the rest of the season to the Kilsyth guys. Andy
  11. Had a similar toss ourselves last night. Got a couple of singles then a batch of 10 then back to singles for the rest of the night with the last one showing up this morning so I deffo think it was a percy strike that split them. Getting them all home is a plus and especially the singles, they are well versed in life away from the loft now. Hopefully tomoz training is no as stressful for us or the young birds.
  12. All the best to everyone taking part and good luck to fanciers in the west :-)
  13. Will be the only time you are above the reigning champ loooooool Good luck to everyone taking part, should be a laugh. Especially to my father - try and bridge the 300 point gap this year eh auld man! :-)
  14. As reigning champ I will be taking part again :-)
  15. this issue has been on our mind recently so its very interesting to hear what everybody has got to say.
  16. Has there every been any official response from SHU or any homing union on posting stray birds online? instead of the channels they set out?
  17. well done on timing mate and good luck for the rest of the season. I still have the hen that I timed in my first ever race 3 years ago. A nice white hen who bred me 7TH section in yb national 2012 :-)
  18. is this a yb race and well done to the winners :-)
  19. Great thanks mate, will give him a buzz tomoz through the day.
  20. Taken up residence with us after being fed and watered with no sign of clearing. B/Ch Pied Hen SU13 AN 631 B/Ch Hen GB13 F 46396 Cheers Andy
  21. Just a couple of local tosses so far but they are looking great and will go further over the coming days so fingers crossed.
  22. Well done to everyone who timed. cracking performances again by members on here :-)
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