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  1. latebreds were late tonight from training. They have been home before pops every toss before tonight and it was the winds, good toss for them though and they came all together only took them 1h 30m to do 10 miles though. Good or Bad?
  2. Hope some more turn in tomoz, fingers crossed!
  3. wow that's so cool. had a good week but disappointed west ham didn't keep a clean sheet, should be about 20 points better off than I am but its still early doors for the luck to change. First defeat of the season for the reds 2-1 at wigan, said since I seen the fixtures weeks ago that our first 5 games made it a very difficult start to the season and I predicted about 6/7 points and I was being very generous to us and said our season starts in septemeber but am well pleased to have 10 points as is Billy after todays match, those 10 points won are way more than we have done for a long time at the start of a season. Makes us top 2 material so far, QPR and Watford are the other two who will challenge this season with us. Thank F the footie season has started as our yb season has been a disaster this year, keeping them on natural instead of darkness for the first time has been more difficult than we thought, not even going to the snfc yb national this year after 7th and 18th in the section last year, feels like a step backwards but winning our first open prize at snfc in old birds this year should make it feel better but somehow it doesn't! latebreds are training well at the moment though and I start a new job in two weeks, everything feels like change at the moment. Ps Chelsea! no history whatsoever and our new owner has more money than abramovich! man utd, Liverpool and Derby Co are our rivals and have been for the last 30 years. Maybe chelski will be a rival in the future but I wouldn't bet on it.
  4. its all part of my tactical plan for this year. Billy Davies better watch his job, a couple of losses and am on the phone to Fawaz :-)
  5. I used mine after week 1 lol some might say panic merchant :-)
  6. Should have a good week this week and close the gap to the leaders. 0 transfer points used is a bonus.
  7. We had one 2 weeks ago and it died in the basket before we could collect it.
  8. I stand by all my statements rightly or wrongly that's just the way I am, stubborn as hell and proud of it! its the way my momma raised me lol Your a young guy and the future of the sport, I have no doubt whatsoever in saying that about you. Lets get to the heart of the matters at hand and do something about it. I have ideas but they are very extreme. The way Bonnybridge have looked after their yb's from marking, pigeon care in club. transporting to race point and liberations has been 100% first class and still huge losses - everyone is tearing their hair out. I take no pleasure in seeing anybody lose their birds and seeing the list of names with 0/30, 0/17 some really good guys who are hurting this weekend but rather than go from week to week with the same experience something needs to be done and tough decisions need to be made. I believe that you and I and some others are the people who should be driving the sport forward not just going with the flow and allowing this to happen. TIME TO ALL PULL TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING! Anyway its time for my other passion to take centre stage. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!
  9. Kelso 65 miles was our first race and our returns have been crap every race this season. So its not percy and its not mobile phones, so whats your take on it Andrew? I think we both agree that we are sick of people banging the same drum about percy? Whatever happens something has to be done and I think its going to take extreme views and actions to change things.
  10. good races and nearly all home lol you guys barely get past 60 miles in 5 weeks of young bird racing, that's the reason for your good races and good returns, even an unhealthy bird will do that. I am thinking once the birds get pushed out a bit then its affecting them, ask everyone how many yearlings they have got left and how many well raced and experienced birds have gone down this season, too painful for many to talk about id imagine. There are other reasons as well but other people champion those enough without me adding to it.
  11. Mobile phone networks have to be looked at. This must be having an effect on homing ability. There is no reason not to think it wont have a long term effect on humans over time but in the short term I think its one of the reasons our birds can no longer home in great numbers.
  12. Horrendous - hope they show up in numbers this evening.
  13. Cheers. My beloved Forest are flying high at the top of the league, got a job interview today as well. The doo's are looking well. Life is good :-)
  14. Losses in our club this year have been a real problem. We started with 29 and are now down to 15 and that was only after 3 short races. Kept them on natural this year and its been a real shock to the system having only kept darkness yb's in our 4 years back in the sport. Only hope with a good moult and winter they will come good as yearlings. Our darkness yb have struggled as yearlings hence the change to natural. Time will tell I guess.
  15. Yes they do mate and lots of questions to be answered here, I guess always learning is the important part. Del was right, getting cold feet after the last two races and struggling in numbers, we are tetchy to say the least and not enjoying our young bird season so far and as my auld man said before he went on holiday "If we are not enjoying it, whats the point" but he will be back refreshed and my week alone spent in the garden watching and listening has served its purpose. Good luck to the lads racing this week and we will be back in the mix next weekend :-)well I say mix, will be competing again :-)
  16. Two races at 65 miles taking them up to 7/8 hours to get home, if they continue at that rate for the next 4 races, who wants to guess their millage for the season? and what constitutes "battle hardened"? I have some that have done 14 hours on the wing in two races not to mention training. I guess time will tell though mate, its been a shocker of a season so far for everyone in our club. I just hope it gets better for everyone involved.
  17. Yip mate that fact has been on my mind but with numbers so low we are standing on the edge of the cliff and not being able to compete next year would be a huge step backwards for us and devastating for both Rab and I. The 3 that are left over have a national prize each so the standard has been set and hopefully we will add to that next year but we wont if we cant send and I cant let that happen. When we have an established national team in our old bird loft then we will take chances :-) some people are already where others are trying to get to :-)
  18. Doo's have taken at the earliest 3.5 hours to do 65 miles with some taking up to 7/8 hours that's from both Kelso races. Have been very lucky with returns up till now. Something isn't right and I have spent all week trying to get to the bottom of it and have been trying one or two things with them and I am happy with them again but training over the weekend and next week should see them well placed for the race a week on Saturday. Having only 3 doo's left from the old bird season this year we have to take a decent number of young birds through to next year. I have stopped 12 after the first two races and have 8 to play with for the rest of the yb season and hopefully make it to the yb national with two I have picked out since before start of the season. Worrying times for us just now Derek and with the way young bird racing is at the moment its a risky business. Getting through the yb season with numbers to compete next year is our goal. Small team flier syndrome perhaps???? :-)
  19. Hi All, The bird is now with a fancier in Newcastle. Is there anybody in the area who is travelling to or from Newcastle? back towards Glasgow or surrounding areas? Andy
  20. Hi All, I don't know if there are any local fanciers to Hendon Dock, Sunderland SR1 8ES that could collect a reported young bird for us. My old man is down that way at a caravan site on his hols and I will get in touch with him and ask him to collect the bird and bring it home. Any help in the short term would be a greatly appreciated as the bird is with non fanciers at a work environment. Cheers Andy Smith Cumnbernauld
  21. Good Toss today. Got 21 from 21 with a couple of late comers.
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