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  1. Update on the two strays. Barry has collected both birds and will deliver Paul's on Friday. He has also organised for the P doo to be liberated around Edinburgh on Friday. Thank you very much for all your help Barry. Jim
  2. Thanks Dave, the NE doo will not be going on the transporter as it belongs to Paul Thomson but when it leaves here I will ask them to also take the P doo so that you can liberate it. Yes I'm on the mend now thanks. All the best, Jim
  3. Hi Paul, Barry said he is coming to collect it tomorrow after work and take it to Elgin as I thought it belonged to someone in Fraserburgh. Can you contact Barry tomorrow to organise things please. I'd run it through to you tomorrow morning but I'm not long out of hospital so am not aloud to drive for another week and a half. Very best regards, Jim
  4. The NE doo is being collected tomorrow to be put on the N of Scotland transporter. I can ask if they could do the same with the P doo and ask them if they can liberate near Edinburgh. I hope that helps. Jim
  5. I'll get in touch with one of the Inverness lads Robbie and ask them to put on the transporter. Jim
  6. I've not been on here for a long time Paul, just came on to report a couple of strays. I've only looked at one race result and there you are, first again, well done and thank you very much for all the help you gave me. You're a true gentleman, bless you. Jim
  7. Both in Inverness and in good nick. Jim
  8. A wee blue, came in with mine yesterday, in very good condition. Any takers? Jim
  9. Forres Result Consett O.B. 21 May 2016 1st..Brian Duncan.........1062.480 2nd.Carlton Reid............946.428 3rd..Carlton Reid............816.207 4th..Carlton Reid............739.706 5th..Carlton Reid............737.125 6th..Brian Duncan..........669.905 7th..Micheal Mclennan..650.897 Well done Dillon and all that clocked. Jim
  10. Only one bird arrived by clocking time. Winner, Ronnie Murray with a velocity of 533.570m. Well done Ronnie, Jim
  11. I couldn't read Elgin's velocities from the thumbnail but it's looking like Mouse has done very well.
  12. Well done Mouse, I'm hoping there's a good West Fed position for you today. Fingers crossed. P..Flyer...............Velocity 1..M MacLennan..990.995 2..B Duncan..........764.227 3..C Reid ..............714.050 4..M MacLennan..675.932 5..C Reid..............674.938 6..M MacLennan..659.939 7..B Duncan..........610.556
  13. Well done Barry and everyone else. Jim Thornton OB 30042016.doc
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