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    Congratulations Mark and Lindsay,well done.
  2. Good one Graham,well done.
  3. when i was going up the motorway past Glasgow Airport the other day i looked over at the hills and mountains and wondered how you get a doo to get up through that to get to Oban,well done.
  4. would have preferred to go and see what tomorrow brings
  5. i scrape the perches onto the floor and nest boxes the same when racing, but at this time when birds are rearing i leave the nest boxes until moving the youngsters but not onto the floor,big s@its when they come off the nest at this time i lift aswell,probably a full clear out once or twice a year,only thing i am going to start doing is a scrape over with a hoe every other day but not removing it,doesnt make me win,just suits me,each to their own.
  6. last time we never even registered a shot on goal so Celtic fully justified to be confident.dont get carried away,we are playing Scotlands champions and premiership leaders.tough task,only thing helping us is the total disrespect being shown to us by the smirking 'current' management and the under achieving largest overpaid squad that the premiership has ever seen.lets see how it goes on the day.
  7. when all my stock were prisoners i had a pair this was happenning with,after 3 blind rounds i put them in an empty end for a couple of hours each day and then let them back through and the next round were full.think he was a bit shy at treading her in front of the rest,lol.always seemed to just hang about the nest.
  8. by the time haye gets to face joshua make no mistake he will be fit for him but dont know if able for him but he sees its there for the taking and thats why hes back in but hey,best of luck to him and i will be one of the first paying the candy to see it :animatedpigeons:
  9. i dont believe any fancier would send a noticebly sick bird,why would you?and why would a member not speak out on seeing such a bird?
  10. my mate had £50 on them at 11/2 to win 2-1,he put it on at half time,jammie b'@?%$&.
  11. thinking on convincing the wife to let me activate one for my xmas when they come up for public activation.going over for a week on 4th january so might fit in a visit.can you just appear wuldon or do you have to arrange?
  12. good to see a doo thats getting multiple prizes in a day and age when hawk is king,well done.
  13. joshua


    Here in ayrshire its getting harder to have a 2 or 3 year old pigeon so i am getting of the opinion to send yearlings to these races and 10 yrs from now you might have a family where this distance is the norm.
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