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  1. Kojak


    It has come to my attention that two members of the lanarkshire fed have at least a dozen tosses, when will these people learn,lives are at risk,any more and you are putting lives in danger stop before you are caught and end in serious trouble.
  2. sparrow hawk flew into my loft last week, lucky i was sitting on my seat as it came from behind loft,i jumped and shouted and gave it a fright,next morning my wife told me that a bird was lying next to the bins with head missing,as im the last loft left in chapelhall it seems its going to be a waste of time trying to keep the birds,every year it seems birds go missing.
  3. years ago used cow lick i got from local farmer,best youngsters ever reared,left it outside,everybodies birds were picking off it,when i put back in loft other lofts birds entered the loft to get at it,tried to get the same again,but cant seem to get the right block.
  4. Lanarkshire fed liberated at 07.30 in Lt SW wind from Worksop 3000 birds plus 9 crates from Fauldhouse. good luck everybody.
  5. Type in Keith Mott &John Ellis,just watched it magic,away to watch Bob McDonald,
  6. Just spent a week in monklands hospital,what a fantastic facility this is,with brilliant staff,its obvious were back to the good old days where back handers are everywhere for certain people,somebody somewhere is going to make a lot of money out of this.stop shilly shallying,build in Airdrie
  7. Kojak


    Last thing I said to you on Sunday night,when you dont expect them, they turn up,good going Craig.
  8. Read an article about pigeon contraceptive being fed to the street pickers in Spain and how it has reduced the amount of birds roaming the streets of Valencia, Alicante and Barcelona yet no birds are being culled,yet the numbers have dropped from thousands,to a few hundred,the birds are being fed by council officials with feed covered with,Ornitrol which is obtained prescription free,in Spain,now no birds are dying taking this contraceptive,can you not wonder if this was put in the food chain through pigeons,what would happen to other birds in the food chain,if they were to eat the pigeons? just a thought. The Article is in The New York Post.
  9. Hi Derek,recently had bird picked up of the road,handed to a mister William Meller from Leeming just along the road from whitby,he got my bird on Aberdeen transporter and up the road to Edinburgh where it was let go and came down the road,this gentleman offered to help anybody with lost pigeons try phoning him at 01677423103 his son is on the rigs, so up and down the road often,George Geddes,good luck.
  10. Lanarkshire Fed programme,delayed one week, racing starts on 4th august.training continues,
  11. two weeks ago i got a crack on windscreen of my mobility car phoned RAC they organised autoglass to come today to fix. Thats a wait of 2weeks,RAC took car away and got me a europa car.Autoglass went to fix my car today! oh dear car has been misplaced,sorry we!ll get it sorted;still waiting on phone call,europa car do not allow animals in their cars,phoned mobility and a young lass got it sorted,hopefully she eventually got through to RAC and told them to fix it,when i mentioned my pigeons,she said if you say nothing,I say nothing,smashing wee lassie.RAC hang your head in shame,you are hopeless.
  12. I bred the bird for hugh currie,trying to get in touch now his no 01236-766944.its a clarkston bird
  13. Lanarkshire to go at 11.15 5,000 birdsLt south wind
  14. Airdrie 2 this sight,Lives down the road,Caldercruix.telegraph road.
  15. B.H W. arrived today, last weeks, wonder when i will get this weeks.
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