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  1. Some of your fellow members in the North Fed jump them 200 mile to the youngbird national. You should maybe purchase some from them at the Fed sales
  2. How many members are on pigeon basics? Thread has over 2000 views but only 70 completed petition. ????
  3. Yes that's exactly what they did. Clashed with the peregrine
  4. I'm working today at the Gallowgate college in Aberdeen. Seen peregrine 3 times so far. Feral pigeons don't seem to give a sh**.
  5. I'm 100% Scottish and not too bad at long distance. I can do Thailand twice a year!!
  6. Who's George wetherby? Only Stuart Maskame, Jim Donaldson and Davie Pirrie sent to Ancenis
  7. Nice to see this on here. Yer a good man Dave. Well done pal.
  8. How many of them did you send Matthew? Best of luck
  9. No matter what. You should of had your birds race marked
  10. Good luck Matthew on your first race. Low clouds breaking now in Aberdeen with patches of blue sky. Fresh SE wind
  11. Any idea of what time?
  12. Well done to Donald. And well done to yourself Alec !!
  13. Fantastic achievement John!! Your pigeon in my opinion has covered some amount of water to get her when you did. Think the final stretch is approx 80mls from the Moray coast to Orkney. Well done to you and your pigeon.
  14. Well done John. Yes the blood is there but you have to put in the effort to get them right. Congratulations
  15. daviedoo22


    Well done Davie. Chuffed for you and wee Rose
  16. daviedoo22


    Just heard of a pigeon in Orkney at 10:15....600mls ish. Well done that doo
  17. daviedoo22


    Hope so. Outstanding performances he's had over the last few seasons at club and national level. Hope she's done it for you this time Davie
  18. daviedoo22


    Hope it is!! He's been knocking on the door. Hope it's a winner. Well done Davie!!
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