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  1. Heard today of another peregrine attack. A club mate was training ybs. After lib a peregrine started chasing them away in the opposite direction they should be heading. Don't know the outcome yet.
  2. Yes nature intended them to nest on cliff faces not in man made nest boxes in cities and towns.
  3. daviedoo22


    Always willing to help me with weather updates over the forth for the North Federation. A massive Well done Jock great performance.
  4. Well done guys a cracking performance. Great pigeon to do it twice in one season in this current climate. Chuffed for you Alan. Well done.
  5. Don't know but every fancier should have some. Problem solved!!
  6. Each to there own George. But no doubt about it these predators are having a massive impact on the future of the sport of racing pigeons
  7. Never realised how quickly this took affect over in a matter of seconds. Unlike a pigeon being ripped to pieces and eaten alive. RIP poor percy
  8. daviedoo22

    Snfc Roye

    Good stuff. Just heard that Gordon Willox has timed as well
  9. daviedoo22

    Snfc Roye

    As I said not taking anything away from those who timed. But not all top fanciers have timed
  10. daviedoo22

    Snfc Roye

    Stuart Maskame national winner 0 Gordon Willox national winner 0 Jim Donaldson national winner 0
  11. daviedoo22

    Snfc Roye

    Well done. Good doo. That's approx 1,000 miles between the 2 nationals plus the prep races.
  12. daviedoo22

    Snfc Roye

    I've heard of 6 birds timed in region G out of 61 sent
  13. daviedoo22

    Snfc Roye

    Totally agree. Game of luck now. Not taking anything away from the birds that have been timed. But how many proven birds still missing. A decent day weather wise yesterday and a good morning today but still many awol up here. I know you have 3/3 sent but on another day that could easily be 0/3. What the *expletive removed* Is going on?is it only Percy?
  14. Well done George another great performance for the toon!! Think that makes it North 4 Aberdeen 0.
  15. Distance advantage. No thought for the birds
  16. daviedoo22


    Aye aye Mr Maskame!! A little dig there. Good luck mob flyer!!
  17. Well done Davie and Callum!!! Fantastic performance into the north region and a yearling as well. 620 miles that would give some on here a nose bleed!! Also well done to Alec Rae and Jim Cowie of Aberdeen. Well done!!
  18. England players didn't get to vote in the referendum. They couldn't find the box let alone put a cross in it.!!
  19. Happy birthday Robbie. All the best ðŸº
  20. Sorry you got the time wrong mate. Commentator just mentioned it when the teams were walking on to the pitch
  21. Well done Stuart! Great performance up into Peterhead
  22. My opinion is less young bird races. Don't go so far with them and start later in season. ie not when Percy is teaching young to hunt. Got to think of the fed and our youngsters and not the young bird national.
  23. Very shortly for me Peter. 3/13 and I'm not just speaking about this season. Not worth it. No enjoyment. This ain't pigeon racing!!
  24. Everyone trying to find different excuses for what's happening to the birds. There it is in CAPITALS !!!
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