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  1. What a disappointment Beware the Bear was, bet into favourite and run last fae start tae finish :emoticon-0179-headbang:
  2. First winner of the meeting Buveur D'Air at 5/1, hope it's the first of many
  3. Thought I had pulled one out the bag there with Go Conquer who was travelling like a winner 4 out but faded between the last 2 and finished 5th. Got my place money at 5/1 but a 20's winner woulda felt a lot better lolol
  4. Tam I have No axe to grind about going west, but that is about the only thing that has taken place over the 2 meetings that I don't have an issue with. East or West we are going tae take a doing off Percy so for me am quite happy tae go way everybody else down the West route.
  5. Got mixed up with my days guys, Jury Duty is Thursday and the other 2 are tomorrow afternoon
  6. Thanks very much Pat, a won't hide behind excuses if I don't have the season I am hoping for al just break a few mirrors looking for the answers !!
  7. 2017 Cheltenham Festival kicks off in under an hour. What do members fancy can win at the premier NH meeting ?? Today I have taken Ballyandy to get me off to a flyer. Followed by Buveur D'Air and Beware the Bear. Tomorrow Jury Duty in the Pertemps hurdle final is my Nap of the week. On Thursday I have tips for Debuchet and Linger in the last two races of the day. All bets are placed E/W. Multiples are placed on Jury Duty, Debuchet and Linger, if everything wins al be retired by Friday morning :D
  8. Aye Pat very dependable doos, next year will be 30yrs they have been in my lofts and I intend tae keep them as a family as best I can for as long as I can.
  9. I think that is a very unlikely outcome Tam, but the SHU will clear the waters one way or another.
  10. Cattrysse stock hen brought in to strengthen my old Cattrysse lines.
  11. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings John !! There are still processes to be worked through before anything is final.
  12. Herman Cuester (spelling?) hen today.
  13. C'mon Tam get a sales list aff Andy take a picture of it and post it up. Breeding etc etc disnae matter just a list of the names would be great.
  14. When ye get a dookit up let me know Higgy, also have a Dght of Aldo's back to back winner from the same Grondalaer hen ye can have up as well. For that matter ye can have what ye want out of my lofts, either to keep or a wee loan of ðŸ‘
  15. This is a Vandenabeele hen purchased at Blackpool specifically to pair with the Young Bandiet Blue Ck above. She is a G/Dght of Bliksem on one side and James Bond on the other.
  16. Ch Wf Grondalaer hen, bred and raced by TheHigg before coming to me.
  17. Today we have a G/Son of GWP's outstanding Ck Young Bandiet. This is Potentially the best stock Ck I have in the lofts just now.
  18. JohnQuinn


    Still plenty of time Brian, the old adage "In the nest in May they'll go all the way" is worth bearing in mind.
  19. Looking good Richard ðŸ‘
  20. JohnQuinn


    Nice healthy looking ybs Brian, many are ye breeding this year??
  21. 2 yr old latebred Ck who had 8 races last year to 240mls. Breeding is 50% J&I Alston x A Deans.
  22. Cheers Alex, he is nest brother to the hen in post 227, two very different pigeons in make up but both class birds in thrur own right.
  23. This is a double G/Son of Double Delight, Maskame & Mackie's good hen with Maverick also on one side.
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