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Time To Start Again


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after two years out of racing and some careful consideration .I am going to race again this year or give it a good shot. I have a few 2year olds and yearlings that are bred same way as winners from past years. the thing is none of them have seen a basket yet. going to try my best to try and get them fit with as much race knowledge as possible and aim for the 2nd snfc inland national. will it be possible or am I asking a bit much from birds that have never been trained to aim them for a snfc as their main goal.

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I stopped racing after a run of bad luck Eastbourne 2015 clock stopped and started after I clocked in a daughter of foundation hen . a hawk /cat killed my good pigeon faith 7x1st 2x1stfed plus national diplomas a son of the foundation hen. a fox got in to the foundation hens loft and killed my good cock 1617 he was one of my best racers and breeder and paired to foundation hen he was also bar far my favourite bird .1617 is the bird in avatar photo until I race a bird to beat his performances he will stay their. the fox also killed a good few birds that had won or bred birds to win. I was delighted to see the foundation hen had escaped out loft . her and the few that got out came in 2 or 3 days later. the foundation hen and a few of my best breeders went down south to a friends soon after. I have about 7 or 8 2year olds bred out foundation hen and 1617 .after losing 1617 I set out to bred his like as I still have his sire . I paired him to a hen I regard as being a better racer than the dam of 1617 as 1617s dam scored at newbury in club and fed and would have been 100 and something if put through national she also picked up a national diploma 2 weeks later at Eastbourne. the hen he is paired to did a bit better with 82nd nat Maidstone 2014 and 26th ypres [sat n loft 5 mins b4 clocking that's another story} have 4 nice yearlings with nice tight feathering bred by this pair . so i have a few I think well enough bred to try my best to get to 2nd inland national

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