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  1. I would think it's a double disaster Pat ! Been closed down here and raining here all morning and still is !! A really bad decision to liberate OMO.
  2. showman


    Another joker in the pack.
  3. showman


    Not too many to answer it though !
  4. showman


    So, what does that mean ?
  5. Happy Birthday Andy, enjoy your day. ^_^
  6. showman

    Wicker Baskets

    Could it be they've forgotten their possible humble beginnings ? Being suppliers to Fortnum & Mason , maybe you're not as important ?
  7. showman

    Wicker Baskets

    Any luck with your basket search mate ? Did you check out Kingstown Pet Supplies \ Billericay.
  8. Sorry, but luck doesn't even come anywhere into it !! Many years of patience and observing within itself will remove any 'luck'. ……….'we have no time to stand and stare' .....
  9. Alright guys, the better half is much in need of a bit of sun and 4 / 5 star surroundings. We've never been away this late in the year, so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations to be assured of some winter sun and hotels. 4 / 5 hours flying time. Thanks folks. Paul
  10. Bit confused ! What time do your lights come on, and at what time go off ? What time do attend your loft in the morning ?
  11. 'Sheep & Wool Centre'...….that rings a bell ! Thanks mate ! Paul
  12. My Daughter is drawing up a list for a visit of things to see and do (young family) I remember being in the area a few years ago, and visited what I can only describe as a 'sheep display' venue ? Sheep coming and locating themselves on a tiered stand on stage, feeding lambs on stage etc. Great craic, most entertaining ! Just wondering if anybody knows if it still exists ? Cheers, Paul.
  13. Absolutely great decision as it turns out !!
  14. showman

    First Toss

    I'm on planet 'realistic'. It sounds like you're on the planet that blames everything on raptors.
  15. showman

    First Toss

    Why blame BOP on what was an ill timed toss. Maybe your answer lies closer to home ! OMO.
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    Hi folks, Was checking over my book collection, and thought it would be good to add some Squills to it. I have some paperback ones, but I want the new additions to be Hardback. If anyone has any they would part with, send me a PM with details.....age, condition, price etc. and we'll go from there. Cheers. Paul
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    At present I would estimate the 'vansaalen' book at £40. Dave Allens book would be about £25 (signed or un-signed) I can only say the copy on E-bay is of such high 'value' is that it's from an American seller! They have some weird valuations! As has already been stated, books are only worth what you're willing to pay, and what you're happy with. Your purchases were exceptional.....fair play to ya !! Right place...right time !!
  18. Happy Birthday mate, have a great day.
  19. Condolences on the loss of your friend and neighbour.
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