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  1. harky


    Well done big Callum.
  2. Kings in wishaw, belhaven road
  3. Did you enter all this years entries into the rpra yearling race,
  4. Thanks Derek, i know a bargain when i see one.
  5. harky


    Widny stop your dood Derek,As proved for years,
  6. Thats because yi sent them from newmains .lol
  7. harky


    Thanks Derek, Thanks george. Thanks Walter normally on face book ive had sent yous all a like.
  8. Thanks, thats one i lost from Hexham last week.
  9. harky


    Theres stronger winds came oot my backside, nice morning here in wishaw.
  10. The peoplethat predict these wind speeds should tell us what the lottery numbers are.
  11. Is it HExham again this weekend.
  12. Not at all , your entitled to your opinion, yes or no is all the answers required.
  13. Think a lot awe comments on here just confuse the convoyers.Their in a state of fooked if I do fooked if I don't.
  14. wheres the enjoyment in this,
  15. harky

    Lanarkshire Fed

    where is the pickup point near wishaw and time, any info is most welcome.
  16. Looking for anyone selling pups,
  17. Yer right, some people need to see whats going on in the hospitals,
  18. Went and picked up my my pigeons that I won on the auction today, came away with 7 instead of 2 over the moon with them Thanks Derek and partners , your a credit to the sport.
  19. harky

    2 Sets

    How much way fronts on them.
  20. Your bang on there.%100
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