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Cider Vinegar


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Used it until recently and felt it helped towards keeping them in top condition and great feather... Will be changing from it to try a few different products as part of programme for racing season... Will probably go back to CV/garlic for moult and winter

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Used to use it but started to get expensive, used to buy it in 5ltr containers, now use just ordinary vinegar, was told to use it at the rate of 10ml mixed onto one kilo of food when I had YBS cleared it up in about 4 days, now I use it every day in the water except on a Sunday when I put it on the corn. Won every club old bird race last year so can,t be doing any harm.

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If you look round there's always a better place to buy.Same product in B & M £1:19p a bottle (got two this morning),how can Holland and Barrett justify their price.


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For all those penny pincers you can always make it yourselves...helps if u kno someone wi an apple tree or still young enough to go scrumping ...I make .but only enough for the year for birds and dogs ...you can google to get instructions but from start u need to have patience...takes a while ...atb sandy

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what does this actually do for the pigeons and has anyone any proof what it does



Now that is a good question One asked of 99% of most things I guess. OR should be!

some say 'You pay your money, and make your choice'!


I ask 'What, and why'!

Logic say FIRST DON'T compare a pigeon in human terms! They are nothing alike. Indeed couldn't be more completely opposites!

But that certainly isn't to say we can't do them a good service! Or can certainly help sometimes!

Just to be sensible and think about it!

Well that's my belief and what i think and choose to do/done.

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