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    R.I.P. Kevin, condolences to the Murphy family
  2. As above , my neighbour is in the process of starting up and is looking to buy a couple of Sputniks if anybody on basics have anything spare. We,re in the lothians but can possibly travel. Cheers
  3. celtic


    Well done all.
  4. As above, looking for a loft or lofts up to around 18ft in length. Am in Edinburgh but can travel a reasonable distance for the right loft. What,s available out there at the moment ?
  5. I just missed out on that one thanks
  6. As above looking for a loft maximum length 16ft, I, m in Edinburgh but could possibly travel if the right loft is available.
  7. Hi Alf, hope things are going good mate
  8. As above, I,m looking for a loft with a view to restarting, in Edinburgh but willing to travel if necessary. Cheers
  9. Best team won on the day, its all about putting the ball in the back of the net :celtic: :celtic:
  10. Klopp going to sevco in a straight swap is he ?
  11. Games as well as over shasha, two nil to the done. Bahahaha
  12. My pal breeds shows and judges shetlands they are great little characters.
  13. There s a few doggy men on here
  14. Looking for Freddie s phone number asap if anybody can help it would be appreciated Cheers
  15. Great fancier and a gentleman to boot, well done John
  16. Look on gumtree there will be a few people advertising on there
  17. Obviously knows that secco won,t be around for much longer, they are the laughing stock of Scottish football. Maybe he will end up there when sevco II are formed which is,nt too far away THE END IS NIGH.
  18. You,ve either got it or you have,nt and because the rest of you have been left behind you want to have a go at the only profitable club in Scotland, give it a rest peepul lol, you,lol be out the box again shortly 1/100 on you know it and so does everyone else. You should be thankful that we give you the pleasure of watching us.
  19. The pentland fed have had a Christmas race that generates big money for years, more or less any weather up they go, why not .
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