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  1. Yakult or live yoghurt both are good for YBS, give once a week also can, t do any harm
  2. Skeltons have got them going ,wofth watching the ones they send out.
  3. Disgilled white vinegar lidl or asda cheap as chips 10ml 4ltrs I been using
  4. If the sawdust is from a factory it may well contain all sorts so saw mill orientated is usually ok
  5. Natural garlic oil been used with top results .
  6. Had a price list for gem corn today lots of green on list meaning prices have come down so worth taking a look again,bit of info.
  7. You learn something new so they say, hadn,t heard about vit D before so well done Derek with the info.will help enormously I am sure.
  8. Saw tory on the mop up there how pathetic was that sinking to new low at no. 10
  9. Heavy rain all day in S Wales.
  10. Always been part of Scotland grouse shooting as far as I can remember.
  11. Try corn soaked 12 hrs.thurs.night Fri. to help with dehydration.
  12. Every rig should have a bag of birdseed on board, cheap enough these days do their thing for the environment, phillipinos won't be so eager to eat that stuff.
  13. NRCC up 7am Thurso same drill as last week guys and gals see what you can see, should be quite a few to be seen heading South in light head wind so good spotting this morning.
  14. Don, t think there were any Welsh birds at Thurso May be on race programme, might be wrong mind Tony if I hear will let you know,
  15. Only heard of the one bird today but a fancier who lives in Port Talbot Roy Davies had 2 birds in the race reported reported one in Belgium and one in Holland with Piet Valk of Van Morsel fame.
  16. North Road into Wales flew their last race from Crieff, from now on they be racing SE with the Bristol Fed.,Don,t know of any website.
  17. Bird timed in Cardiff 20.24 Steve Hood that,s the news Walter at.
  18. Haven,t sent Walter like you seen the best of it,hope some make it some good birds being flown down here so fingers crossed.
  19. Same everywhere Walter, Welsh birds up today in Meckenheim not far from Bonn, 250 to 300 gone so will be hard and similar to Thurso you been talking about sport going downhill fast I, m afraid, bought a hen off you in charity sale donkeys years ago Walter nice hen she was too remember it well.
  20. Saw there were 3 times around about 5.15 haven,t seen anything else so,they had some journeyaccording to sightings you guys made.
  21. Line breeding to the cock,good as anything
  22. Going to be a tester in the morning,will it do any good or not,ain,t pigeon weather.
  23. It says Hyperchlorous now bleach is Hyperchloride so may be a link there. Tolliamin has a good name I am reliably informed.
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