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  1. Lot of wisdom there Especially in the 2nd last paragraph ...remember..too many have forgot these siimple things .. Thanks for posting ..sandy
  2. Sorry to hear that .aw the best pal ... Sandy ..
  3. Thought ... perhaps this could be funded by each club or feds or the shu ..this would have a great effect on the training and knowledge of flightpaths and info could be used to try and have bops re located from these flightpaths by the rspb .if not the info gathered could be used legally to have them removed by the rspb ..one lives in hope ...onwards n upwards ...all the best to all ..sandy
  4. Hi its a kakhi not seen very often ...not sure if its sex linked ... atb sandy
  5. Great to hear youve had full returns ..all the best ..
  6. Great to hear both yourself and walter have had full returns keep it up ..all the best to both of u
  7. Oh well thats that stuffed again for this year was really looking forward to it getting old ah well have to hope if its on next year or thereafter that they put it on telly ..atb ..
  8. Think your right there andy ..was on melrose 7s site .(son pointed me at it )..they say theyll try for it later in year and if u have tickets for game they will be good to use then if it can be played ...but as it stands its cancelled for april ....atb
  9. was a good game england 23 france 20 u would have enjoyed it just for the sake of the game as I did .......atb ..pd that england won however...
  10. Was on the edge o ma seat for the last 15 mins .. the laddies having a laugh .at being a tenner up..was a great game just the same ..atb Do you have any news about the 7s atb
  11. Well there s a thing not my day ...but a great fast enjoyable game ..atb
  12. In wi a chance o getting ma money back though cos I also bet him wales would make at least 50 points U think ive got any chance wi 15 mins to go ,...
  13. Well andy just lost £5 bet wi the laddie bet him italy was getting the whitewash ....sh**
  14. Yeah andy could go up quite a bit at 27 now as u say good game so far ....
  15. Aye andy wales doing good at the mo wales up 22 ...italy 0
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