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  1. Glad he found a wee bit of hapiness near the end of his life. Condolences to Liz and all the family. Rest in peace Tam.
  2. Great night last night thanks for Davie McCaig and Ronnie Reid for all the hard work putting the night together. I thought the two guest speakers were outstanding if you ever get the chance in the future I would highly recommend listening to Brian Dearn and Chris Knowles. I am sure there was lots of members and guests took quite a few things from both these gentlemen.
  3. So sad to learn of the sudden death of Phil Smith tonight at the LSC function. Phil was a massive supporter of the LSC and would never miss a function he will be sad loss to the pigeon sport. When I proposed to my wife it was at the bottom of Smiths Jewllers then straight up stairs for an ring which was discounted for a pigeon fancier.I just met him last month at Blackpool and we had a long conversation about the good old scottish doos and doomen of Burnbank and Blantyre. My thoughts and condolences to his family and friend's Rest in peace Phil
  4. If you want a ticket you can give Davie McCaig a call tonight.
  5. Hope they dont try and do the job with there hands tied Hopefully they will take the lead of the NIPA and use the met office for the weather forecast. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/about-us/contact Great Mary has taken the job to promote the SNFC. I am sure she will do a great job. Hope 2018 is successful for all the member's.
  6. Mind and get your tickets booked these nights are always first class.
  7. I like to join in on a forum which you can add anything you like member or Non member I still see the SNFC as the best and only have its interest at heart. If you think I am wrong about the professional weather forecast then say it.Anyway why would I need to answer to the empty box lifter.
  8. Steven if you were in charge of race control for the SNFC would you ask for Met office help with weather forecasting??
  9. As I said earlier you will still get bad races but get the best or get a third party the choice is there for the SNFC.
  10. Steven the public weather forecasters (met office) had a budget of £91 million in 2015 So i would imagine they probably have the best equipment and highly trained staff. Can you answer this would you use this service to help get the best forecast for the race??
  11. Was that Steve Appleby ??
  12. Can a non flyer buy rings??
  13. I dont know him I have no doubt he tried his best but they should have got the professional help. Any new guys must demand it and when the bad races come round again and they will at least they will have given the pigeons the best chance to get home.
  14. Glad it went well. Iam sure Tommy will do a good job as junior vice president. Glad to see John Leggate and Billy Gordon stepping up both well respected in Lanarkshire Fed. Hopefully the race control team will be given all the help possible to try and get some decent races for the SNFC.
  15. Got mine on 24th and one today.
  16. Sections I would forget that and deal with weather forecast from the met office like the NIPA do professional help for race controllers. Why did the president sign off a race report on the Gold cup with the wrong information? Why did the Secretary resign? Why was the transporters not up to standard? Why when turning up for marking can guys one ets system have no problem and others have to wait for hours? They same guys turn up to get the clock struck off and the SNFC cant do it? Why do the SNFC hire a hall not fit to race mark pigeons? <span style="font-size: 9pt;">If you want to talk about sections then prepare for the same sameness from the SNFC.</span>
  17. I think I saw Billy Reid's doos flying well today.
  18. Sorry to hear that Jamie always found him to be very easy going guy. Condolences to the family and big Tommy.
  19. Pat what has his playing style got to do with how he manages? Hibs went to Ibrox scored 3 goals then went to celtic park and scored 2 goals. What was Jose Mourinho playing style like?? I think he is a man that can get the best out of average players and thats what Scotland have average at best.
  20. You need someone like him to get them fighting and battling. Do you think he would have allowed his team to sit back and defend the box when they needed to win the game?
  21. As much as I cant stand him Lennon is your man.
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