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  1. pabloo10

    Just In

    Hi is this anyones from scotland??
  2. pabloo10

    Just In

    Blue pied any takers
  3. pabloo10

    Just In

    GB19A36501, any takers
  4. GD17D39869, dv-0854-1761-19,su19R 303 ill pay any many the person report them.
  5. Hi thats my pigeon, thank you for sendind him to transporter.
  6. pabloo10

    Just In

    Blue hen in today, seems like she has wing problem.
  7. pabloo10

    Just In

  8. Blue hen i think, anyone's?
  9. Any phone number??
  10. pabloo10


    Pigeon reported in Wolverhampton. Phone number 07722 709670
  11. Vagin Definetly it is illegal immigrant lol
  12. Hi If that pigeon is from poland he done many miles lol is from south east of poland city name krasnystaw.
  13. Thats mine 07828677090
  14. Looks like yesterday was not good day for training, I lost 40, who knows where are they?
  15. pabloo10

    Just In

    Just in to yb loft, with ets ring in good condition, GB18C37010.
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