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  1. That's a shame I understand what you are saying but you know the feeling more than most of getting a doo from the gold cup race nothing beats it. Hopefully it's a decent hard race and not a disaster like the last few years. Maybe see you back at it next year. All the best going for your award in Ypres.
  2. Very suprised to hear you never sent all those Andrew Dean's and Cullen old stock and you can't muster a doo for the gold cup or you done away with them for those fast wing beat doos??
  3. The SNFC Section E had 17 birds per basket. Birds were drinking from the basket drinkers and all lying in a bed of thick shavings and looking relaxed.The transporter was loaded one row then the row above was left empty.
  4. Not got doos but i still do my fair share for the pigeon game. I think i can have an opinion. Anyway glad you got good returns hope your other two show up. Ps Billy Gordon is on holiday i am loft manager for a week.
  5. Last thing people want to see or hear when you know they are struggling. Just think back to the last 3 weeks you were shouting the games done.
  6. SU14 AV 749 2018...1st section E Maidstone £1537.60...8th section E Buckingham £806.10 2017...55th section E Bedhampton 2016 .....30th section E Buckingham £525.35....38th section E Littlehampton 2015.... 36th section E Portsmouth £229.90
  7. Drove from Peebles to Moffat 20yds visibility got better once I passed Abington.
  8. Metal conducts heat better than wood. So even when the metal and wood are at the same temperature, you feel the temperature of the metal more.
  9. Derek I wasn't at the wind up. I was trying to ask some questions to get some sensible discussion. Thanks John guys who transport pigeons and look after them at a racepoints you hardly ever hear any feedback. Talking to Tommy last week I said I thought the Lanarkshire birds were coming back in great condition he was saying he was constantly changing the water. First thing he does in the morning is change the water and constantly throughout the day.
  10. Just thought i would ask a question I can understand delaying the basketing because of the weather. Who said a 24 hours delay in basketiing was better for the old birds?? Is there proven evidence birds are better in the loft rather than sitting in a basket not some good idea from pigeon men but has someone ever done research?Most pigeon men see a pigeon in the basket at the club where doos seem stressed at this point but it will be the same 24 hours later. Do the birds looked stressed at the racepoint? Would be intrested in some convoyers telling us do the birds fight all night or are they lying down resting ??Do they look like they all get a drink in the basket?When the feeding goes in the basket do they all eat? Mind I am only asking no need for the nasty replies
  11. http://www.clydesdalemidweekclub.co.uk/Results.html
  12. Told John Leggate and Billy Gordon yesterday to get there birds out the basket. Seen it before when birds went missing from a liberation in Burnbank that was before the hawks.
  13. New website click on the link. http://www.lanarkshireracingpigeonfederation.co.uk/2018results.html
  14. Jim my boy gave me this picture from Blantyre Vics not sure if you have seen it before??
  15. Could try that Stuart https://www.kbdb.be/en/aanmelden-7
  16. Walter it is the old Anderson building before the entrance to the Ravenscraig
  17. I have been asked by the SNFC to put on pigeonbasics the details of the marking station for all section E members. The address details are as follows Unit 21, Flemington Industrial Park, Craigneuk St, Wishaw, Motherwell ML1 2NT.There will be a hot food van located outside selling teas,coffee's... etc There will be ample parking space for all members and toilet facilities on site. Good luck to all Scottish National Flying club members for the up and coming races.John Leggate, Billy Gordon and Tommy McDonagh SNFC. http://www.snfc.co.uk/
  18. http://www.lanarkshireracingpigeonfederation.co.uk try that link Jamie seems like its a new website.
  19. East avenue High Blantyre industrail estate
  20. Looking at old results that could be big Tommy's doo. He has rings numbers either side of that one.
  21. Rest in peace Peter. A nice guy and could race a pigeon.
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